Snow after Christmas -- 12/27/04

It started to snow yesterday afternoon.

I went into town late in the afternoon to get a few grocery items. The roads were already very slippery and the snow was coming down faster. By the time I got home there was a real need to shovel the driveway because my wheels were spinning when I tried to part close enough to the garage so that there would be plenty of room for Jill to park. By the time I finished shoveling the driveway there was at least half an inch of snow in the areas I had shoveled first.
I really liked the way this photograph caught the swirling effect of the wind gusts blowing the snow as it fell. I was standing in the garage when I took that picture. When I tried to take pictures while standing out in the storm, the reflection of the flash on the falling snowflakes made so many bright white spots in mid-air that it was difficult to see anything in the picture. (You can just fainly see the lights of Christmas decorations across the street.)
Jeremy was working last night. The pizza place where he works is open until two in the morning and then a bit more time is required to clean up, etc. so he's never home until at least 2:30 a.m. Last night I woke up about quarter to three -- looked outside and his car was not there -- so then you begin to worry about the bad driving conditions, the slippery roads, etc. but you don't want to call his cell phone because you don't want to distract him while he is trying to drive through the storm. He finally got home a little past three -- came in just long enough to change from sneakers to boots and started back out. A friend's car was stuck and Jeremy was going to help him but decided that wearing boots would be a lot more comfortable than wearing sneakers.

I was out shoveling this morning around 8:30 -- shoveled for half an hour, enough that cars could get out of the driveway, then came back inside until around on o'clock, when I went back out and finished. (As you can see, that driveway can hold a lot of snow.
We didn't have a white Christmas, but everything certainly has a wintery look today. I got my daily exercise in with shoveling, so I needn't hop on the exercise bike or go for a run.

It is very pleasant to sit inside with a nice cup of hot chocolate and look out at the winter wonderland.

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