It was quite a storm -- 01/23/05

The winds were incredible. We more than met the criteria to call it a blizzard (sustained winds of thirty-five mph or greater for three hours plus snow plus low visibility) -- we had winds that strong or stronger for hour after hour -- and wind gusts that frequently surpassed fifty miles per hour (and sometimes measured above sixty).

That means lots of drifting snow, of course. This picture shows what else it can mean. This is inside my garage -- that snow was blown in beneath the closed garage door and piled up against the front of that trash barrel -- and also piled up on the odds and ends of stuff leaning against the wall -- that trash bin is almost three and a half feet tall.

Along both sides of the house there are spots where grass is showing through a thin layer of snow and then the snow cover swoops up to be three or four (or more) feet deep.

Consider the two pictures below -- the snow piled up on the deck outside our dining room -- two views, one from inside and one from outside.
We got around twenty inches. (Who can tell, it was blowing around so much.) We didn't actually get much snow after mid-morning, but the winds continued to be fierce until mid-afternoon. (It is still windy, but not the way it had been.)

Jill is standing in the driveway with some of the snow we shoveled piled up behind her (both sides of the driveway look like that, except close to the house where the wind had blown the snow away leaving the driveway almost bare -- which almost made up for it being almost three feet deep closer to the road) -- I'd guess that we moved at least fifteen hundred cubic feet of snow out of the driveway. This picture was taken later in the afternoon as she was getting ready to drove over to Eli's house; when we were actually shoveling she had her hood up and was wearing her snow-boarding goggles -- the wind chill factor was painful.

The bottom of the door is covered by the snow drift; the door is three steps up from ground level.

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