Speeding right through June -- 06/17/05

Time is just flying past and I've been very neglectful in terms of updating this journal...

The duck pictures were taken along the bike path this past Saturday. I was taking a bike ride down to the train station and back -- on the way to the station I had seen the ducks in the brush along the side of the path but on my way back they were waddling along at the edge of the path. I was wearing cargo-style shorts, with extra pockets on the legs so I was carrying my cell phone in one cargo pocket and my digital camera in the other. So I just had to stop and take some pictures. They apparently have become quite accustomed to people passing along the bike path because I was able to get fairly close to them.
Last fall I took pictures of these guys (or their cousins) swimming around White Horn Brook near the bike path.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, why I've been neglecting my Web site.... Well, I updated on Thursday -- okay -- a week ago Thursday. Friday night we were working a wedding at the Towers and Saturday was a busy day (not just taking pictures of ducks, but yard and garden work and grocery shopping and other weekend errands and dinner at Nancy's mom's house, etc.) and somehow Sunday just disappeared with chores around the house and this week was insanely busy at work -- Monday and Wednesday were both twelve and a half hour days, Tuesday was more like eleven hours, and Thursday and today around ten hours... I usually put in about forty-five hours most weeks, so this really was a busy week. And last night I got ambitious and made two pans of lasagne... and we didn't even eat that for dinner because it was getting late (and Nancy had to be up very early this morning) so I fixed pasta and sauce (since I make my own sauce to use in the lasagne, so I had enough left over to put over pasta).

This morning Nancy had to take the test for her National Board Certification (for which she had already invested hundreds and hundreds of hours of work in attending seminars and writing essays and documenting her teaching methods and videotaping her teaching and writing an analysis and discussion of those taped sessions, etc.) So I was up a little after five -- started went online at 5:30 to check work e-mail and set up my day, then woke Nancy at six, had breakfast, back to work, took a lunch break, worked some more and now I am finished for the day.

Tomorrow is the annual Quonset Point Air Show but this aftrnoon and tonight there are usually an interesting number of airplanes flying about and some acrobatic practicing going on in the air over Narragansett Bay so I think Nancy and I are going to meet Tom and Janet at Narragansett Beach and watch the action. It's half-past four now and I'm beginning to think I will not have time to go for a run before then because I can already hear lots of low altitude small plane air traffic overhead.

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