Senior Prom -- 06/22/05

Tonight is Senior Prom night at our town's high school.

I had not given it much thought -- or any thought at all other than a vague awareness that this is the time of year for such events and that Jeremy's girlfriend (whom you saw pictured here in a Dec '04 entry) is graduating this year (Jeremy was class of '03) -- but then this afternoon Jeremy dashed into town and returned with a tuxedo. Ah... so tonight is Senior Prom night.

Jeremy even cleaned out his car this afternoon. His trunk, of course, is immaculate (since it holds his car's sound system -- as you have seen recently) but the passenger compartment can get to looking almost as messy as his room... and Katie, as you can see, is wearing a white dress tonight... thus Jeremy was striving for an almost show-room-new look for his ride.

Nancy and I were expecting them to stop back here on their way to the house where they were to be picked up by the chauffeur-driven limousine they had rented for the evening, but then Jeremy called from his cell phone to say that they were running late so could we meet them at their friend's house for the appropriate photo op.

The pictures were taken in their nicely landscaped back yard. (In the back left side of the picture of Katie and Jeremy, that structure just in front of the back fence is a waterfall that flows into a small pond -- their friend's father explained to me that when they had first lived there it was where they had a sandbox for their kids when they were little, and then replaced it with a slide and swing set, and then finally replaced with the pond and waterfall.)

Nancy and Jeremy
Katie and Jeremy
Multiple sets of parents taking dozens and dozens of photographs -- Some of the kids in the picture below were actually going in a different limo but they had stopped by to visit and one couple that was going in this limo had not yet arrived when I snapped this shot. They all look just great -- all dressed up for the event. Ah, can you still recall your senior prom?
So... a salute to the class of 2005!

And, just because they are such a cute couple, here's another picture of Jeremy and Katie together.

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