A quiet weekend -- 07/10/05

We had a quiet weekend, mostly spent at home.

The Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile run is less than three weeks away now -- so yesterday I ran to the train station and back. Actually, I ran to the mile marker just before the end of the bike path -- and then I walked from there past the train station and back to the bike path and started running again when I reached that first marker and ran the rest of the way home. That was seven and half miles of running plus one half mile of walking in the middle. So I guess I will be able to cover the distance in the race, although I won't guarantee that I won't have to walk a couple of times.

We watched a DVD of National Treasure Saturday night. I had a big bowl of popcorn -- it was that kind of movie, a popcorn munching flick -- and enjoyed the Mission-Impossible kinds of stunts and was amused by the arcane cues -- but the big set-piece finish deep below New York City was anticlimactic because everything in that scene had already been done in half a dozen other movies -- and, besides, my popcorn was all gone. I did like the very last scene before the credits.

Today I rode my bike to the train station and back -- now that was a lot easier than covering that distance on foot and it only took me about forty minutes round trip. So, thinking of that as being a warm-up, I then got on the exercise bike in the basement and rode that for another forty minutes -- then I got in a brief workout on the exercise bench, but just a brief one because my legs readlly didn't want to do any of the leg lift exercises. Tomorrow I'll probably just go for a three or four mile run, so maybe I can do some leg lifts after that. (I think that the leg lifts are important to keep all of the muscles around the knees strong.

There's a really cool Web site with some code that uses the Google Map API to function as a virtual pedometer (if you want to think about seeing how far your favorite walk or run really is) or odometer (if you want to see just how long your communte to work really is, or to compare two routes without having to actually drive them, etc.) You can find it at http://www.sueandpaul.com/gmapPedometer/ -- this guy wrote it for himself and then put it on his Web site for anyone to use. (If he's smart he'll get sell some advertising space on his site before his traffic raises his bill with his hosting company.) [Right now I think Goodle Maps only works for the U.S., Canada and England, at least in so far as having detailed highway and city street maps, so those of you living elsewhere will have to wait for Google to add your country to their database.]

Today's Sunday Brunch is about fast food...

1) What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
Hmmm... either Subway or Dunkin Donuts. I suppose it depends on what time it is: breakfast or lunch?
2) How many times per week do you eat fast food?
Less than one. I tend to eat fast food on days when I go to the office -- and since that has happened about twice a month, on average, this year. I might stop a Dunkin Donuts to get a bacon-egg-cheese on a toasted whole wheat bagel and a large black coffee. At lunch time I might go to Subway and bring a sub sandwich back to the office to eat at my desk.
3) Describe your favorite fast food meal.
Well, I already described my Dunkin Donuts breakfast. For lunch at Subway I would get either a tuna sub (tuna, lettuce, onions, green peppers, no cheese, and a few hot peppers) or their BMT Italian sub (picking provalone when they ask what kind of cheese, and getting lettuce, onion, green peppers, hot peppers, olives, tomato, with oil & vinegar dressing) -- and I'd get either one on honey oat bread. No soda, no chips.
4) Do you always Super-Size your meal?
5) What is your least favorite fast food restaurant?
Subway and Dunking Donuts are usually the only ones I use. When the kids were little we used to go to the hamburger places but I have not had one of those meals in many years. [Sometimes when I am in a strange town and I need breakfast in a hurry and I do not know the local restaurants, I will stop at a McDonald's -- they are everywhere and at least you know what you are going to get.] Other than that, I do not care much for any of the fast food restaurants.

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