Wrapping up July -- 07/31/05

I have been so busy the past nine days that I've just not had time to post any entries.

After our trip to Martha's Vineyard, Nancy said something about she was sure I'd have photographs up here the next day, but I told her that I didn't have time to write anything, not to mention post pictures. She was puzzled by that until I explained that a text entry just takes typing, but an entry with a bunch of photographs means going through a whole bunch of pictures, trying to pick the ones I want to use, copying them into another folder, opening them into Photoshop, deciding if I wanted to crop them, deciding what size to make them, saving them and checking them out in their cropped and/or resized versions, perhaps redoing them, then moving them into the directory holding this year's pictures for my journal, and then writing the entry, complete with nested tables holding the pictures and the text, etc.

So... I will get to posting some pictures in a few days because I have taken some over the past week or so that I'd like to share with you... but, in the meanwhile, I thought I would at least post an entry so people wouldn't think I'd retired from the Internet...

Nancy's sister Sue joined us for our trip over to Martha's Vineyard on the high speed ferry from Quonset Point. The trouble was that apparently Tropical Storm Franklin had worked its way out into the Atlantic but was responsible for sending large swells towards the New England coast -- in other words, the ferry was bouncing around and many passengers (including Nancy) were seasick. In fact, Nancy and Sue decided to get a hotel room and stay overnight rather than chance an equally bouncy ride back. That turned out to be a wise decision because the return trip (which I was on) was even rougher than the morning voyage. (Nope, didn't bother me.) We did, however, have a pleasant afternoon wandering around in Edgartown and I took lots of pictures.

On Friday my brother and his wife drove over for a visit. The purpose of the visit was so that Charlie and I could run in the annual Narragansett Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile run. We did. We had fun. We made it to the finish line and have photographs to prove it. We were also extremely worn out. (I'm writing this about 45 hours later and I'm still feeling tired!)

Saturday morning -- after sitting around through a long leisurely breakfast of Nancy's blueberry pancakes -- Charlie and Donna and I went to the actual Blessing of the Fleet at the Port of Galilee...

Saturday night Nancy and I were attendants for a gathering at Kinney Bungalow -- a surprise birthday party, not a wedding this time. The husband was suitably surpised because his wife planned the party for the day he turned forty-nine and one half, so he was not expecting anything. It is interesting to note how many people seem to think that we own or operate the building and we tell them no, we're just working for the town and they should think of us a being like museum docents, there to answer questions about the building and its history (not mentioning that we also serve to protect the building from damage, make sure nobody smokes inside, make sure the caterer cleans up properly, etc.).

Oh, and if you are into robotics and/or Legos, here's something worth a quick look (robot hands made with Legos). It's amazing what people manage to create....

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