Fifty cubits wide  --  10/15/05

Let's see... the dimensions are three hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, and thirty cubits high, right?

Actually the rain did stop around mid-afternoon and the sky was even sort of bright behind the clouds for about ten minutes or so before darkening up again.

It was raining quite steadily last night when we went to see Blithe Spirit. Got out of the car in the dark and the rain and my foot went into ankle deep water -- now that's a delightful feeling! -- Nancy was wearing waterproof boots (now that is something I have consider buying!) but I ended up with two very wet feet for the evening... and, of course, got to wade through the same parking lot river after the play. The cast was quite good and (as many of you are aware, based your comments) Blithe Spirit is a delightful play with a lot of very witty lines. The only thing that bothered me (other than my wet feet) was the small audience -- the theatre was almost half empty and I don't understand why -- ticket prices are quite low (especially for students) and there are thousands of students living on campus in dormitories and fraternity and sorority houses.

Streams are still rising as the water runoff reaches them. I had to take a couple of detours today when I went out grocery shopping. The (usually) meek little Saugatucket River is overflowing its banks and a few streets are underwater. On my way back from the supermarkets (plural because I shopped at Shaws and Belmonts) I wanted to stop at Holly's Video to rent a movie and had stop at a police barricade and persuade them that I was just going to Holly's and would not continue past there where the water was flowing across the road.

Rented Kingdom of Heaven. Yeah, I know, it did not get rave reviews when it hit the multiplexes earlier this year and the review of the DVD I read this week was rather harsh, but Jill had gone to see it when it first came out and she had enjoyed it. I'm hoping that her favorable impression was not just because she loves medieval costumes.

She does love medieval costumes -- she was planning on going to the Renaissance Faire today but it was rained out -- leaving her all dressed up with no place to do -- so she and friends have dashed off to the Fantastic Umbrella Factory. I took a couple of pictures before she left but she took the camera with her so I'll have to wait to get a chance to move a picture to my computer. I wonder if she is going to have any interesting Umbrella Factory pictures (It isn't an umbrella factory -- it is a garden shop and a collection of artists with an art gallery plus clothing and crafts for sale and an organic restaurant and it is located on a farm, complete with an assortment of farm animals.)

Now that the rain has stopped, I really should go out for a run... but I'm feeling very tired. I went to sleep about one a.m. and my sinuses woke me up a little before five... the sinus pain finally went away but I was rather short of sleep and I even took a brief nap after lunch, despite which I am still feeling tired. I'm tempted to substitute a workout on the exercise bike for a run, but I've done a basement workout everyday this week except Thursday (when the rain had slacked off for a while in the late afternoon and I got in three and a half miles on the bike path).

But instead I think I'll get started early on fixing dinner... I've had a good workout every day this week so this can be my rest day.

Regarding various comments on yesterday's entry:
  • I don't think there's any vinyl siding in this neighborhood -- just about every house is either all wood siding or a combination of wood and shingle. Maybe it depends on the kind of house? I always picture vinyl siding as being on ranch style houses and there aren't very many of those in this area.
  • We're not close enough to any streams or ponds to worry about direct flooding. The first year or so that we lived here I had problems with water seeping in one corner of the basement, but I fixed that by regrading the soil right by the house to drain away and by putting an extension on the downspout to carry the water further away from the house.
  • I have lots of water (and other beverages) and canned food, etc. so we are set for hurricanes, blizzards, etc. Our experience with Hurricane Bob in '91 gave us a lesson in what to do.
  • The rain storm that sat over us for the past week was definitely not caused by travelers from Minnesota.
  • The 2nd Story Theatre does Moliere very well. They did a production of Tartuffe last year that was hysterical.

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