Gray --  12/02/05

Last night my daughter and I did our usual dinner and a play routine -- dinner at Sakura in Providence and then a play at 2nd Story Theatre in Bristol. On the way there we stopped so I could buy a tuxedo.

Nancy and I are going to a wedding in upstate New York (Owego -- it's sort of halfway between Binghamton and Ithaca) -- a New Year's Eve wedding. It's a black tie affair. I decided that it made sense to buy a tux rather than renting one.

So I'm trying on this tuxedo and they have this area where you are almost surrounded by full length mirrors so you can see yourself from the front and both sides and the back to see how you like the suit or the tux or whatever...

I'm gray.

I was shocked. I mean, I don't usually see myself from those angles... I'm used to gray temples, but...

I've turned gray.

Lootk at the picture on the right -- 28 months ago when my grandson was born -- there's Sammy and me and Adam and although there is gray in my hair, it is gray mixed in, most of it is not gray....

My beard has had gray in it since I was in my late twenties and I began to show gray at my temples maybe twenty years ago... but I was stunned to see myself from behind last night. I'm gray. I mean, I am gray!

So tonight while fixing dinner (or, rather, I'm fixing dinner and Nancy is baking cookies for a church bake sale tomorrow) and I told Nancy about my surprise and she said "Yeah, you've gone gray." I guess I looked at her in astonishement because she laughed and said "Really, over the past year or so, you have really turned gray."

Hmmmph. So it wasn't even my imagination or the lighting....


I guess I've just been looking too much at how much more forehead I have these days that I never realized that the rest of my head was going onto the silver standard.

Ah well, so I guess I'll look like a distinquished geezer with my gray hair and my tuxedo.

I've gone back and looked at some pictures from earlier this year and I see back in April that I was grayer than I mentally pictured but I think I must have written that off as being due to the camera flash. But I am now much more gray than I was then... not yet as white as my beard, but I have really turned gray.

Other than that... I think the tuxedo looked good. In addition to wearing it to the wedding on New Year's Eve, I think I'm going to bring it along on a cruise we're going on it a few months. It is a casual cruise, so you don't need to dress up for dinner, but I understand that each night one of the restaurants on board will be designated for formal wear and Nancy seemed to like it when I suggested that we could dress up for one of those nights.

Dinner at Sakura was delicious, as always. And the play -- Turgenev's A Month in the Country -- was witty and amusing.

Nancy and I watched a DVD of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yes, a chick flick -- in fact, Holly (of Holly's Cinema Source, Peace Dale, RI) made me confirm that I wanted to rent it even after being told that it was a total chick flick. Yes, it was indeed -- but it was nicely done and had some talented young actresses. Amber Tamblyn (who stared in a TV show a year or two back called Joan of Arcadia -- never saw it, so I can't comment) was one of the four lead actresses in this one and I wondered if she could be Russ Tamblyn's daughter. Checking IMDB.com showed that she was, indeed, his daughter. (Tamblyn was a young leading man in the late fifties and early sixties -- played Riff in West Side Story -- and then his career seemed to evaporate and he was soon in supporting roles in things like Dracula vs. Frankenstein)

And now it's the weekend...

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