Almost at the new year --  12/30/05

Yes, I have neglected this journal for the past week.

Call it Christmas vacation...

We've just been lounging around, enjoying ourselves, enjoying some time off from work... reading books that Santa brought (and watching movies, too)... visiting with family... enjoying a stress-free week...

Tiger had a very good Christmas.

Christmas Eve I was trying for a photo op with all of the presents set out by the tree, even Tiger's presents (even though one of them contained a catnip-infused toy mouse).

Tiger sniffed out his presents, selected the one with the catnip mouse in it, and proceeded to shred the wrapping paper... and then rip open the plastic packaging... and play with his mouse. He pounced on it... batted it with his paws... got it in his mouth and flung it... then chased it and pounced on it again. By the time it ended up underneath some furniture where he couldn't reach it, he just stretched out on the floor, panting so hard we could hear him.

On Christmas morning I retrieved it from its hiding place and tossed it to him -- this set him off on another marathon mouse-playing session. Almost a week later, he is still playing with it, although not quite as ferociously as he had at first (perhaps the catnip effect is fading?) but he still enjoys it.

And here's a shot of some present opening on Christmas morning. Everyone seemed pleased by what Santa Clause had brought...

Jill was astonished by the present she got from Eli -- he built her a computer. The last picture shows a side view -- it has a transparent side, so you can see the (blue lit) internal workings. Very cool looking machine and a very cool present. This machine blows away her old desktop system and her laptop. Needless to say, she has spent a lot of time this week with her new computer.

Despite the gap in entries, this must still be a rather rushed entry... I need to get to sleep because Nancy and I have a six hour drive ahead of us in the morning (unless snow makes it take longer)... and we hope to leave the house by 7 a.m. We are headed to upstate New York where a friend of Nancy's from grad school is having a New Year's Eve wedding.

The next entry will be in 2006 -- Happy New Year!
Tiger hunting for his presents
Tiger opening his presents on Christmas Eve
Christmas morning (well, actually almost noon)
Jill's awesome new computer

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