$417,949.73 --  02/11/06

Jeremy and Katie do a lot of text messaging back and forth on their cell phones. You should see Jeremy work that phone, using both thumbs to type out a message. Quite some time ago I had added a text messaging bundle to his cell phone ($2.99 for up to 100 messages per month) which worked quite well before Katie went off to college. Since then he has frequently far exceeded that so I called Verizon last week and changed his plan to 1,000 messages for $9.99.

[I have two cell phone accounts with Verizon, both family plan accounts where a pool of calling minutes is shared; Jeremy is on one plan with Nancy's mother, and Nancy and Jill and I are on the other plan.]

Yesterday I got a note in the mail from Verizon containing confirmation of the change to that account. It said "Thank you for your continued loyaty to Verizon Wireless. Due to recent changes made to your accoutn, we are writing to provide you with a complete list of the active Included Features and Optional Services on each of the followint lines on your account:" It then listed Jeremy's phone number and went on to say "Please review the enclosed information carefully and keep it for your records."

It listed all of the features and options on the plan. Strangely, however, all of them had a listed monthly fee of $0.00. Hey, such a good deal! All except one. The 3-way calling feature carried a monthly charge of $417, 949.73.

Nancy said that she thought five million dollars a year for cell phone service would be a bit difficult on our budget. I think she has a good point.

I think the woman at Verizon who took my call was happy that I was laughing when I called and told her that I thought monthly charge of $417, 949.73 was a bit excessive. She assured me that the account showed only the expected monthly charge for Jeremy's phone plus the new $9.99 charge for the text messaging bundle.

Thursday night Jill went up to Vermont for a long weekend of snowboarding. (She has no Friday classes and she's taking the weekend off from work.)

Nancy and I had hoped to go into New York on Sunday to see Sammy (and to visit with Adam and Leah).

All week the weather forecasters have been talking about a possible storm system moving up the coast... at the beginning of the week they said it would most likely curve out to sea and just brush us with a chance of some light snow... as the week went on they began to say that the chances of it hitting us were increasing. Yesterday the national weather service posted an official Winter Storm Watch for our area.

Last night they cancelled the Winter Storm Watch and replaced it with a Blizzard Watch. Snow is supposed to start sometime late tonight...

During the height of the storm Sunday... blizzard conditions are possible with snowfall rates near 3 inches per hour. Northeast winds gusting as high as 50 mph may produce white out conditions with near zero visibility. On the South Coast... Cape Cod and the islands wind gusts may reach 60 mph.

This is a potentially dangerous and life threatening situation. Plan to have travel completed by tonight. Travel during the height of the storm on Sunday will be seriously impacted by the combination of poor visibility and snow covered roads.

Well.... maybe.

I guess we will just have to see what the weather actually brings us.

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