Wet weekend -- 06/26/06

It rained on and off all weekend...

Friday was our 27th wedding anniversary

So Friday night Nancy and Gillian and I went to the Mews Tavern..

Usually having grown children means you can have instant parties because your kids become parts of couples themselves but Eli couldn't come with Jill because he had to work; Jeremy also was working and Katie is spending the summer up in Maine working (she's an equestrian science major so this is really a summer internship on a horse farm); and, of course, Adam and Leah are in NY.
Jill took pictures of us and while the camera was available, I took a picture of her -- yes, her hair is blue these days. (She's drinking a Killian's Red -- Nancy had a Bass Ale and I had an Offshore Ale -- well, actually Jill and I each had a second round.)

We had an order of hot wings for an appetizer -- nice big meaty ones -- nicely spicy (Nancy & Jill wouldn't let me order the really hot Thermonuclear wings *grin*) -- Nancy had a calzone for dinner, I had a Buffalo chicken sandwich (with a side order of onion rings) and, hmmm, I think Jill had somekind of chicken sandwich and fries.

Yeah, just bar food but tasty... and (for an American place) the Mews feels somewhat like an English pub.

School had ended for Nancy on Wednesday -- and we attended an end-of-school faculty party and had a good time. We had not rented a movie in ages. This school year Nancy had been very busy with lesson plans and homework and tests to grade, etc. but now school was over so we stopped at Holly's Video Source and rented Walk the Line -- which we enjoyed. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon both gave fine performances.

I had scheduled a vacation day for Thursday -- we had thoughts of doing some major cleaning and rearranging projects -- but Nancy had twisted her back on Wednesday unloading boxes of classroom stuff from her car and spent the day on her back, alternating between heating pad and ice pack and taking lots of Aleve. (She's all better now -- even played tennis this morning.) So I got in some garden work and a few other odd chores, but we still haven't gotten to the projects we had planned.

Friday night we really lived it up -- yes, when we came home from the Mews, we watched another rented movie -- Two for the Money - which we selected because it had Al Pacino and Rene Russo (how can you go wrong with those two?) and they were both good in the movie and (to our surprise) Matthew McConaughey was also quite good. This isn't really a deep movie (although, of course, some of the chatter in the bonus features with screenwriter taking with the guy who was the inspiration for the concept would try to make it so) but it really is a fast paced and entertaining two hours.

Yes, this was a wild and crazy weekend -- since we were on a movie roll, on Saturday night we watched Cinderalla Man on HBO. And, amazingly, it was also a good movie. Wow -- three for three.

As I noted, this was a wet weekend. It wasn't non-stop rain; there were periods when it slacked off to just a very light rain or even stopped for a while. On Sunday afternoon Nancy and I went out for a walk and covered close to two miles -- but Sunday's rainfall total for our town was about three inches!

And today has been bright and sunny -- and very humid.

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