Sunday with Sammy -- 07/24/06

On Sunday Nancy and I went to New York to see our grandson. Jill usually works on Sundays but she had arranged her schedule to get the day off but was having some serious sinus problems which not only hurt, had kept her from getting much sleep, so she was kind of bumping into walls on Sunday morning and realized that it would be both painful and foolish to make the trip.

Sammy in the playground by his apartment building. Nancy reading to Sammy while he has lunch.
Sam's favorte stuffed toy animal "Moosie" holding the yarn kitten Jill's friend Deirdre made for Sammy Sam opening a birthday present

The grownups ate lunch while Sammy napped and then Adam and Nancy and I went out for a walk so Adam could show us how one of streets is closed off to traffic on Sundays and partly becomes a farmers' market and the local merchants (for blocks) display their goods in the middle of the street.

We crossed Houston and continued on to Tompkins Square Park -- The plan had been that Leah and Sammy would meet us there but there was a "peace" rally going on (i.e., some shrill-voice harridan screaming amplified obscenities mixed with "Bush is the greatest terrorist in the world" and "Israel is a terrorist nation" and praise for those nice folks in Hezbollah plus something about dreaming that veterans would focus their weapons on the White House... followed by a very loud but talentless band screaming endless obscenities in lieu of lyrics) which made us consider that this made the children's playground in the park a somewhat less than ideal environment for a three year old to play. Adam phoned Leah (who had already set out with Sammy to join us) and we arranged to meet at a different playground a few blocks away near Houston and 1st.

"This door leads to nowhere." -- I couldn't resist this picture.. a block or so from Tompkins Square Park. Why is it kids would rather climb up slides rather than sliding down them? Sammy has just climbed the corkscrew slide on the left while Nancy and Adam watch. (Note the other kid climbing up the slide on the right.)
Sammy about to push me down a slide. Leah & Sammy & Adam

Fearless climber...

We managed to get back to their apartment, grab our stuff, and get to Grand Central just in time to catch the MetroNorth 7:09 train. Almost an hour and three quarters or so on the train and then a ninety mile drive home... but 'twas a marvelous visit. Can't believe how big he is getting. Three years old. Wow!

I had a physical a couple of weeks ago and last week I had blood tests and an exercise stress (treadmill) echocardiogram... Today I had a chat with my doctor to find out how I did... She said I did fine on most of the tests... but not all. Details tomorrow. (Ooooh, a cliff-hanger ending. <evil_laugh> Bwwwhaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha....</evil_laugh>)

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