A tasting at The Towers -- 08/14/06

Sunday evening brought a fund-raising wine and food tasting at the Narragansett Towers.

A number of the leading caterers in the area volunteered to serve various hors d'oeuvres and snacks and deserts -- and representatives from three local wineries pouring samples for tasting. (These merchants are not foolish -- catering weddings and parties is a very competitive business and this gave them a chance to present their wares to an audience filled with people who not only might be paying for weddings for their children, but who might be inclined to hire a catering service for their own parties or for business functions.

I did get a chance to try some of the food.

Mmmmmmm, there were some very tasty morsels indeed.

With a string quartet playing, why of course I had to wear my tux instead of just a suit.

Each person attending received a wine glass (a souvenir of The Towers with an image of the building etched on the glass) and a plastic poker chip. The chip could be redeemed at the bar for a glass of wine or beer (or other adult beverage) or, if one of the wines being sampled at the wine tasting table struck the right note, the chip could be exchanged for a full glass of that particular vintage. Additional chips were available for purchase at two dollars each. That was my job for the evening, selling poker chips. The string quartet was playing just behind my assigned spot for the evening and I really enjoyed listening to beautiful music all evening.

I'm really tired from today's adventures -- biking to the Beavertail Light -- and do not have the energy to write anything more tonight... details and maybe a picture or two tomorrow...

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