Pictures of Sammy -- 09/25/06

As I mentioned, Adam and Leah and Sammy came up from New York a week ago Saturday and stayed over until that Monday afternoon... No big spectacular events were scheduled; we just hung out in the backyard and in the house and went to lots of playgrounds.

Here are some pictures...

Sam taking a bite of a tomato he picked from my garden. In a playground on Saturday afternoon..
Sam giving Adam a push. Gillian and Sam on a double slide.
Gillian and Sam with Jeremy and Katie. (They really enjoy being Aunt Gillian and Uncle Jeremy.) The handgrip hangs from wheels that run in a track in that green overhead steel thing -- grab hold and jump from one platform and fly along to the other one. Yeah, that's me...
Late Sunday afternoon at Roger Wheeler Beach.. Sammy and Adam.
This old Fisher-Price parking garage is still popular. Monday in the Village Green playground in Peace Dale.

We got a kick out of Sammy playing with that old Fisher-Price parking garage. This is the one that Gillian and Jeremy both played with when they were kids. Adam had one just like it when he was a kid. (By the way, Adam has a birthday coming up on Thursday; he's going to be 38 years old! Imagine that -- he's now older than I am. *grin*)

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