Thanksgiving - Part 2-- 11/25/06

(a continuation from Thanksgiving Part 1)

The weather was somewhat less than ideal for a five mile Thanksgiving morning run -- cold and rainy -- but it could have been worse. I have run this race when it was in the low twenties and very windy -- now that was downright painful. It was around forty degrees and there was relatively little wind and the heavy downpours held off so we were mostly running in very light rain.

There were nine of us from the extended family who signed up this year. Nancy's brother Jeff and his daughter Nicole had signed up for the 3 kilometer walk; the rest of us were signed up for the five mile run -- Tom (Janet's husband) and his son Mike and daughter Alison, Karen's daughter Melissa, Clara's husband Paul, plus Gillian and me. Melissa had a very bad cold and finally decided that she really shouldn't run, that she would just cheer us on -- but she ended up volunteering to work at the finish line.
This year's shirt -- not a cotton shirt but some kind of high tech breathable polyester fabric. Jill -- although not as fast as when she was a teenage cross-country runner (2nd in age group in 1995, 1st in age group in 1996) was still the fastest of our family runners -- and yes, I was the slowest (I walked the hill) and my legs are still sore.

Thanksgiving dinner...

All ten of my mother-in-law's children were able to make it here this year. (Last year Matt had been in Iraq.)

The cornucopia here is actually made of bread -- a friend of Clara's had baked it and given it to her so she brought it with her, handed it to me and said "Fill it." So I did. (Not shown in the picture are some bowls filled with various dips and salsa.)

Two large turkeys... mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, carrots, peas, corn, green bean casserole, sweet potato pie, rolls, cranberry sauce...

As with most past years, we were able to share our good fortune with a stranger who wandered in off the street.
Karen and Clara fixing the feast in the kitchen
Bob (Karen's husband) doing the carving.

So much good food but the most important thing is getting everyone together...

Jeremy, Gillian, Nancy, and me

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