First snow of the season -- 12/04/06

We're finally having our first snow of the season this morning. It was raining when I woke up a little before six, but just as the forecast had predicted, it quickly changed over to snow.

Here's the view in our driveway as I went out to get the newspaper at 6:45 (about ten minutes before dawn)...

And this is what it looked like about twenty minutes later... (Those are Jeremy's footprints on the way to his car and the dark snow-free rectangle at the foot of the driveway is where his car had been parked. That's my taillight reflecting the camera's flash.).

The interesting thing is, the snow will soon end as the storm front moves through and we are supposed to have a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon.

We didn't get out to get a Christmas tree yesterday. Nancy is still finishing her recovery from that sore throat and cold thing that had laid her low this past week and she didn't want to push herself. Jill had started work at six a.m. yesterday (and, knowing her habits, she probably had only had an hour or two of sleep, if any) and she just wanted to nap when her shift was over. Jeremy was up in Massachusetts visiting Katie and, by the time he got home, just had time to shower and change before going to work. And I didn't want to go off by myself to get one. Maybe there would still be a coating of snow on the ground and I could round up at least one other person to go with me tomorrow... Both Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to be fairly sunny days. Chance of rain on Thursday, chance of snow on Friday. New England weather.

Well, surely we will have a tree by Saturday or Sunday. *grin*

Now if only the tree stand and the ornaments and the strings of indoor lights and the strings of outdoor lights would magically come up from the basement and the lights would untangle themselves... Maybe the elves could do it?

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