Fifty days -- 02/19/08

I realized this morning that today is the fiftieth day of 2008.



Yesterday was day 49, the last day of the seventh week.

How did that much time slip by so quickly?

I've hardly begun on my plans to loose weight and get into better shape and work out six days a week and build up my running... and did I mention I wanted to post at least a couple of entries each week?

Okay, so I've only gained three and a half pounds.

Ouch! That is certainly headed in the wrong direction. And if you think that indicates that I probably haven't been working out very faithfully, you would be right on that.

I started the new year at 203.5 pounds. That was challenge to myself because having spent December 30th on a jello and juice and laxative diet preparing for a colonoscopy on Dec. 31st, I didn't come into the new year having been on a partying and eating binge. And I did work out fairly faithfully.... for the first half of January... and then... I missed some days... and some more... But I was getting in some workouts, just not quiet enough. And then, having worked my way up to three miles, I set out one day on a three and a half mile route... and pulled a muscle in my left calf just past the three mile mark, so I limped - jogged - limped - jogged the final half mile... and, although my leg is better, I've not been out running since then.

Then something went out in my neck and my neck and shoulders were not only keeping me from working out, they were keeping me from getting a good night's sleep as well.

So I finally broke down and made an appointment with a chiropractor, one who Nancy has always seen. Thank goodness I did. The results have been great. I'm gaining more and more neck movement and the pain is going away. It is not going to clear up the bursitis in my left shoulder, but even some of that pain seems to be easing.

Now I've been able to start working out on the exercise bike and doing some light exercises on my rowing bench and things like bicep curls with light weights (a pair of 10 lb. dumbbells).

Today looked like a good day for a run... bright sunshine, about 40 degrees (about 4 C) although fairly windy.

So I'm sitting at my computers, working away... 11:30... mmm, have to take a lunch break in half an hour or so, go for a run... yeah, 12:15, stop for lunch soon... almost 1:30, I'd really better stop in a few minutes... 2:45, I've really got to stop now... but I'm really hungry, it's been six hours since breakfast... and I've got laundry to throw in and I need to empty the dishwasher (and then move breakfast dishes from the sink to the dishwasher)... Nancy drove her mother over to Connecticut yesterday (no school this week, "winter break") and she will be home soon... so I ate some leftover General Tsao chicken from last night for lunch (Jill & I had Chinese takeout for dinner last night) and threw in laundry and came back to computer and worked some more, then cleaned the kitchen and did put laundry in the dryer... worked some more.. Nancy got home a little before five and at five I shut down my work computer and joined her in the kitchen for coffee.

Off to supermarket for grocery shopping, come back home and make some chicken alfredo (with whole wheat penne rigate) and steamed broccoli... then clean up kitchen... and now I can either go down to the basement and ride my exercise bike or I can sit in front of my computer and whinge and whine about how I weigh 207 pounds and isn't life unfair. (Looks like the computer won.)

I'm going to get up and work out early in the morning tomorrow, get in a good workout before starting work for the day. And I guarantee I will lose some weight by lunchtime. (I've got an appointment to give blood... so I'm sure to be down a pound or so from that, right?)

Jill took this picture tonight. Hey, don't you know I was taking a nap here? What are you doing with that little box that makes the bright light? You'll pay for this!

Oh, yeah... and Jill and I are signed up to run a three mile race in a week and a half from now..

There is a group called EVO-TRI SYNERGISTIC MULTISPORT -- and, as you might guess, they are devoted to things like tirathlons, especially Iron Man level triathlons. In an effort to gather sponsors they seem to be emulating some of those "reality"shows on television. They are selecting a few new people to join a team of twelve who will compete in the Steelhead Triathlon (and the reason why people would want to be selected to join the team -- besides the pain and the glory and more pain, etc. -- is that they are getting some neat goodies from sponsors, like really high tech bicycles). The contestants had to post a video on youtube in which they indroduced themselves and explained why they compete in extreme sports like triathlons. The reason I'm telling you about this is that a friend of my brother's (someone he knows from his annual 105 mile bike ride across Death Valley to raise money for JDRF -- by the way, he and his son are forming up Team Chad & Dad for this year's ride in October... you'll hear more about it here as that date approaches). His friend, Michelle Alswager, got into running after her son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in an attempt to develop a family attitude of health and fitness... she became a marathoner... and then a tirathlete... and has been very involved in raising funds for diabetes research. (If you look at the video entries at Evotri, hers is the first one.

So... what am I asking? Just sent an email to vote@evotri.com with her name -- Michelle Alswager -- in the Subject field. There doesn't have to be anything in the contents because the email will not be opened -- they will just count how many came in for each contestant. Only one email per email address; entries beyond the first from any address will not be counted. Emails must be received by 11:59 PM PST Wednesday, February 20, 2008. The seven videos of the featured ten that have received the most votes will advance to the next round.

Thanks to everyone who sent in an e-mail vote for Michelle. Unfortunately, she did not make it to Round Two. (Well, at least that means I won't be entreating you to vote in Round Two... and then Round Three...) Thanks again.

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