The math room -- 04/26/08

No particular reason for the above title except for this photograph I took one night this week -- Nancy and Jill doing math in Nancy's home office. Nancy was at her desk working on lesson plans and Jill was sprawled on the floor studying for a math exam. They had requested tea to aid in their efforts and, after delivering two big mugs of tea, I just couldn't resist grabbing my camera and snapping this "math room" picture.

I've had a sore throat and a head cold for much of the week. Wednesday night I only got a couple of hours of frequently interrupted sleep -- had kept coughing myself awake -- so Thursday morning I was just bumping into walls with fatigue. Sat down in front of my computers and decided that there was no way I was going to be productive, so I sent an e-mail to people in my group saying not to look for me online until lunch time and went to bed. Ah, a couple hours of sleep and I was a new man. No, not really, but at least I could once again function.

Friday lunchtime I rode my bicycle for the first time this year. I rode (mostly along the bike path) to the Peace Dale Library where (as a member of the Friends of the Peace Dale Library) I lugged boxes of books around to set up for today's fund-raising book sale. (People donate books to the Friends of the Peace Dale Library and then -- usually winter and spring -- we hold a book sale to raise money to help finance various programs at the library.) And then back home (with a good uphill ride on the way home) -- and my legs let me know that no matter how much time I may have spent this winter on my exercise bike in the basement, riding a real bicycle in the real world is a whole different thing. And then, back home and back on line, during an IM chat with my baby brother Charlie he told me that he had gone for a twenty mile bike ride Thursday night. (Yes, he is beginning his training for yet another 105 mile fund-raising bike ride across Death Valley for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation this coming autumn.)

Charlie and his bicycle
[Hey Charlie, I stole a photo from your site!]

Yep, my baby brother on his bike -- of course he is only a "baby" in comparison to my own age (with birthday near).

Go over there and check out his training log... New, improved, now with podcasts and YouTube videos. Scroll down to April 5th to see the video of Chad (Charlie's son and training partner) doing some "training" for the Death Valley ride. (Actually, I think that is a video of Chad at a younger age. Hey Charlie, he doesn't still ride bikes down stairs and off the roof of a building, does he?)

Now back home from working the book sale. Relaxing before getting ready to go out to dinner and then to a play with Nancy's sister Janet & her husband Tom (or perhaps their son, Mike... Nancy wasn't sure which). Either one will probably be getting on my case because I did not run in the South County Hospital 5k this morning as I said I would and I think both of them ran it this morning. I had wanted to, but my cold sapped enough of my energy that I just did not feel up to it. My original plan had been to run the James Joyce Ramble tomorrow with Jill, but that is a 10k and a couple of weeks ago I decided that I just was not in shape to run that far (a bit over six miles). So Jill and Eli are going to run it and I am going to drive them there and cheer them at start and finish (and maybe take some pictures).

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