An early June bug in late May -- 05/31/08

Nancy and I were at the Narragansett Towers last night, doing our building attendant and local history docent thing -- this time for a fund-raising event for the Child Development Center at the state university.

The back door of the building is usually kept open for the convenience of the catering staff (who would have a work tent or a truck -- or both -- behind the building and who would have to make numerous trips during the course of an evening) and also for those guests who are dedicated smokers. Several June bugs managed to bumble their way into the ground floor of the building, leading to jokes about them being a day or two early.
One of our visiting June bugs (probably appearing not quite life size on your screen) -- genus Phyllophaga (common to the eastern U.S.(a different bug than the "figeater beetle" that is called June bug in the southwestern U.S.) June bugs always represented the start of summer to me, big dumb bugs, attracted by the light, bouncing against the outside of windows at night. Thunk! Thunk!

The big project at The Towers this year is the construction of an outdoor patio area that is an attempt to recreate some of the feeling of the Victorian era Narrgansett Casino. That is a fountain that is being built, serving as a focal point in the future patio. The patio will be paved and will be capable of hosting outdoor events and ceremonies.

And, just for historical interest, here's a view from Narragansett Town Beach that dates back about 110 years or so... You can see the Towers (and part of the rest of the Casino) to the left-of-center. The large building to the right-of-center is the hotel where the disastrous fire of September 12, 1900 broke out, burning down the heart of Narragansett, including all of the Narragansett Casino complex except for the stonework of the towers.

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