Hot weekend -- 06/08/08

Jill and went to see Iron Man last night.

It's probably not for everyone (for example, Nancy -- she took her mother out to dinner instead of joining us for the movie) but Jill and I enjoyed it.

I will admit to having been a big fan of the Iron Man comic back when I was in college -- my housemates and I were fans of all of the Marvel superhero comics back in the early sixties, but my personal favorites included Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and both Nick Fury comics: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos and Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD.

Jill and I sat through the start of the closing credits, but got up to leave as the names of about eighty-seven thousand digital effects artists began to scroll past. The cinema complex employee who was running a quick broom through the aisles suggested that we might want to wait to the end of the credits, and I'm glad we heeded his advice. The credits were followed by a quick teaser that showed Nick Fury telling Iron Man that he had no idea what he was in for now... Nick Fury and Iron Man in a movie together, that would be wicked cool. (Yes, I am still just a kid at heart.)

Thursday and Friday had been cool and damp... Saturday was warm and summery... Today is Hot! It is in the mid-eighties (about 30 C) here today (okay, so here along the coast it is probably eight or ten degrees cooler than in, say, the city of Providence) and more heat tomorrow. This may not seem like much to people who live in places like Texas and Arizona, but it is certainly hot enough for me, especially since we've not had temperatures anywhere near this neighborhood since last August.

This morning brought the 9th annual 5k road race put on by the Katie DeCubellis Memorial Foundation (Katie was a 13 year old girl killed by a drunk driver).

Jill and I had both signed up to run the race, but I am having some pain from my recent bicycle spill and although I did go for a one mile walk the other day to test my leg, I determined that I really could not run this morning. (Heck, I was limping just from the walk from the parking lot at the race.)

Have I mentioned that today is hot? They were urging people to take bottles of water before the race (and after as well) -- in fact, Jill took a bottle of water with her when she started.

Here's a very short (under 45 seconds) video I shot of the start of the race and then of Jill running to the finish line. (She is the one in gray t-shirt, dark shorts, bandana on head.)

The heat -- it was already in the eighties and the sun poured down without a cloud in the sky -- was exhausting and nobody was acclimated to it this early in the season. The winning times were a minute or two slower than I would have expected for this distance. Jill had been hoping to finish somewhere around 24 minutes, but she was in the 26 range (I couldn't see the numbers on the time clock because of sun glare and couldn't check my watch because I was taking pictures -- but the results should be available online in a day or so -- actually, they would have been available at the race but we only stayed long enough for Jill to drink another bottle of water and each two or three orange slices. She needed to shower and catch a little bit of rest before going to work.

[Note to brother-in-law Tom and nephew Mike and niece Alison: Hey, I thought you said you were going to run this race?]

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