Hot, hot, hot! -- 06/10/08

It's still early June -- just a third of the way through the month -- but the weather these past three or four days has been more like July or August, real summer weather.


Very hot.

And humid. (And have I mentioned hot?)

Okay, so this means that down along the coast we were in the upper eighties and yesterday and today we probably hit 90° degrees (30° to those of you who measure temperatures using a Celsius-shaped yardstick) or maybe even a dregree or two higher -- and that's still relatively easier to take than up in the more urban core of the state where they were officially in the high nineties (and I'm sure more than one person looked at a thermometer on their garage or front porch and saw it read 100°).

I'm sure those of you who live in places like Texas and Arizona are laughing at me. I can hear you saying that we New Englanders don't know nothin' about heat until we've survived one of your summer heat waves where temperatures go into triple digits every day for three weeks. Yeah, okay, but I have absolutely no desire to ever encounter that kind of heat, thank you very much.

I need a haircut.

It has become very unruly and dry and fly-away. It's being relatively well-behaved in this picture, but it really needs to be cut.

It is especially annoying when the weather turns hot, as in the current heat wave.

This picture is only about a week old and you can see how I was dressed for last week's cool and damp and grey and rainy weather.

Nancy and I got together with some of the players in her fall-winter-spring indoor tennis league for dinner one night last week to mark the end of their season. We ate at the same place as last year, except this time we ate indoors. (It wasn't as cold as I seem to make it look in the photo -- I had the sports jacket in case we ate outside again and took it off when we decided to stay inside -- but it was sure a lot cooler than this week!)

Things are supposed to cool down after today -- the forecast calls for a high of 79° (26° C) tomorrow and declining a little bit each day until we have a seasonable 72° (22° C) on Saturday.

The results are out from Sunday's race: Jill finished 102nd overall, 10th in age group (women 19-29) in 26:47.

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