A proposed political T-shirt -- 08/13/08

This is just a brief follow-up to yesterday's entry...

Interesting historical note: This would not be the first time there was a vice presidential candidate named Jim Lawrence running on a racially balanced team. Just four years ago the Socialist Equality Party nominated the team of Bill Van Auken for president and Jim Lawrence for vice president. In that case it was the presidential candidate who was the person of pallor and the vice presidential hopeful who was the person of color. That Jim Lawrence was a retired auto worker (30 years in a General Motors factory in Ohio). The Van Auken/Lawrence team won approximately 2400 votes. (If not for the spoiler roles played by Badnarik on the Libertarian party ticket and Ralph Nader on the Reform party ticket, plus the Bush/Chaney and Kerry/Edwards candidacies cluttering up the field and siphoning off votes, many voters might have switched to VanAuken and Lawrence.)

There are so many reasons why Obama should pick me as his running mate (although they are just so obvious that there is no need to list them).

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