Hanna visits Rhode Island-- 09/07/08

Hurricane Hanna -- down-graded to Tropical Storm Hanna -- visited Rhode Island yesterday (and overnight).

Besides a lot of rain and a bit of wind (around 50 mph with gusts to 65) she also brought my brother and his wife here for a visit.

They hadn't set out to visit here... They -- along with Donna's sister Dolores and a friend Sharon (a family friend since we were all kids) and our cousin Carol and her husband Oscar -- had all left New York City on the Carnival Cruise Lines ship Miracle back on August 29th for a eight day Caribbean cruise -- San Juan, Saint Thomas, and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Instead, Hanna (and her siblings) kept the ship from ever getting south of Florida -- they visited Lauderdale and then sailed over to Freeport and then, still fleeing Hanna, set out to sea again. Thursday night I got an e-mail from Charlie saying that they were heading for Newport... yes, Newport, Rhode Island.

Friday morning was densely foggy -- and quite warm because the blanket of coastal fog functioned just like a blanket, stopping radiational cooling. Charlie phoned to say they were anchored somewhere off Newport -- it was too foggy to see anything -- but they were getting ready to take the trip to shore. So I took a long lunch and drove over to meet them. (As I told them... I drove halfway across the state to visit them... that is, about twenty miles.)

Carol and Oscar had opted to stay on the ship. Donna and Dolores and Sharon went shopping. And Charlie and I grabbed coffee and sandwiches and then wandered about the historic and scenic Newport waterfront. By the time we all met up again the fog had finally burned away and we had bright sunshine and blue skies.

We had some heavy overnight rain -- storm fronts that were pushed through by Hanna, I guess -- and then Saturday afternoon Hanna began to rain on us. Lots of rain over night too, but now on Sunday morning we are back to bright sunshine, blue skies, and warm temperatures. It's a bit humid, but the day is supposed to dry up by noon.

And here's a short video -- with two short scenes: our wandering travelers at an outdoor bistro table in Newport on Friday and a brief view of Saturday's rain.

(Yes, I was tempted to grab a snipped of the Gillilgan's Island theme song, but I resisted.)

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