Keeping busy-- 10/01/08

One day last week -- September 25th -- I had looked at my calendar list of entries for the year... just to confirm what I had been thinking, that almost every month this year had at least one big gap in journal entries, usually a week and a half to two weeks long. The exceptions were February with no gap longer than four days and April with the longest gap being six days.

The gaps weren't planned (well, except for the week I was at that technical conference in Las Vegas and the week or so that Nancy & I spent in California at the beginning of the summer). It's just that I would be busy and I thought I would get around to posting an entry a little bit later, after work or after dinner or, oh well, I'll get to it tomorrow. A number of entries were composed mentally while taking a shower or going for a run or driving my car, but then ended up drifting away without ever reaching a keyboard.

And I began to write an entry about being busy... except then Nancy came home from Parent's Night at her school and we had dinner and I had other stuff to do and then it just got to be too late (my alarm is set for 5:45 a.m.) and I went to bed.

Friday is a busy day for me -- a full day of work -- which has to start early and push through so I can finish early enough to get ready for class -- and Jill and I have to drive up to Providence -- up I-95 at rush hour -- and over to the main RISD campus for our Flash course. And then, we have to come back down to South County. We stopped at a supermarket on the way home (Jill needed some baking supplies) so it was probably getting close to eleven by the time I got home. I really wish I could have found time to put up an entry that day because it was the 12th anniversary of this journal.

And Saturday -- well, there was a 10:00 a.m. book sorting session at the library (although I got confused and thought it was at 10:30) to organize piles of donated books to be sold in a few weeks at the Friends of Peace Dale Library Book Sale to raise money for the library. (I'm vice president -- which I think means I failed to duck out of sight in time at the last meeting.) And then various errands and shopping and home for lunch and stuff to do around the house and then shower and get dressed and head up to Providence for dinner and a play. Unfortunately there was some country/western singer appearing at The Dunk, which meant that the restaurant we wanted was absolutely crammed full of people wearing cowboy hats. Our next choice was equally full -- and our next -- so we ended up grabbing some Indian fast-food at the Providence Place Mall. The play at TrinityRep, however, was marvelous, The Dreams of Antigone (written by Curt Columbus, the Trinity Rep artistic director, inspired by the the work of both Sophocles and Jean Anouilh) well-staged and well-acted by members of Trinity Rep's resident company.

Sunday Nancy and I worked as attendants at The Towers for an afternoon wedding -- which meant we had to be there at ten be ready for the caterer and the florist and the wedding planner, etc. It was a smaller wedding -- about eighty guests compared to the 120 or so that we usually have there -- but it was an immaculately planned wedding. The bride was a professional wedding planner in Newport and she brought in a colleague to oversee the arrangement of details. Very nicely done. (The groom is a head chef at a facility in Newport.)

We got home somewhere between seven-thirty and eight o'clock, both very tired. We poured ourselves some wine and settled down to watch a movie on television Martian Child -- a delightful movie based on David Gerrold's autobiographical novel about a single guy adopting a troubled boy who believes that he is really from Mars. Yes, that David Gerrold, the one who wrote the Star Trek "The Trouble with Tribbles" episode when he was in his early twenties. Anyway, I don't think I even powered-up a computer on Sunday, and there was no way I could find time to write anything.

And Monday was a busy day... (Have I mentioned homework for the Flash course?)

And Tuesday was a busy day... (Not just a busy day, it was also my eldest child's birthday, so I suppose I should have written a birthday entry.) I was originally scheduled to take a vacation day (because schools were closed) but Nancy's mother had a doctor's appointment in Boston so Nancy drove her to her appointment and I stayed home and put in a good ten hour day at work.

And now it is past seven p.m. and Nancy will soon be home from her Monday and Wednesday water-aerobics exercise class -- and Jill and Eli should also soon be here to have dinner with us -- so I had better attach these words to the Internet and get busy in the kitchen.

And the Internet appears to be stuck in low gear, so I guess I will have to post this later on tonight. And now it is later on... 11:44 p.m. to be exact... after dinner Jill and Eli helped me to assemble a weight bench I had bought months ago and had never found time (and an extra set of hands) to put together. (Truth be told, Eli was the key assembly person on this job. Thanks, Eli!)

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