First frost -- 10/25/08

First frost -- that's when it really seems like autumn -- when you go outside and find your car windshield and windows are coated with frost and there is a bite in the air and you wonder where you put your windshield scraper back in the spring and how are you going to scrape your windshield or if maybe you can get by with multiple sprays from the windshield washer and running the windshield wipers and setting the heat to high and the fan to defogging...

Or, if you work from home and don't have a commute to drive and you were only outside to bring in the morning newspaper, you might just scratch "FROST" on the icy windshield with your fingernail (brrrr, that's cold!) and quickly dash back inside the house to grab your camera and take a picture.

That was yesterday morning -- about 6:26 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time -- with dawn a bit over half an hour away. Today is a bit milder -- at least there was no frost when I went out to get the paper this morning, but it was at least an hour later when I did that -- and even though the sky has been overcast most of the day, afternoon temperatures have been in the mid-sixties. (The long range forecast is for colder weather next week.)

Here's a snapshot I took of Jill last night at our Flash course. We tend to get there early so most of the rest of the class was not there yet, thus those empty seats. I love those big flat panel monitors. I have a 19 inch flat panel for my work computer, but the monitors in the classroom must be at least 24 inches.

Jill and I are going out tonight to 2nd Story Theatre to see Lillian Hellman's play Another Part of the Forest (a prequel to her earlier play The Little Foxes which we saw at 2nd Story a couple of years ago). Nancy and I started going to 2nd Story when they first opened in their present location in Warren, RI. (The theatre company got its name when it was founded in Newport, RI more than twenty years ago by Ed Shea, their lead director -- then, as now, it was on the second floor over a restaurant.) Nancy dropped out of going to 2nd Story because she found the trip too long and it made the return home too late at night (yes, I know, Rhode Island is the smallest state -- but to get to Warren you have to go up through Providence and then briefly into Massachusetts before turning back into Rhode Island -- Warren is on the opposite side of Narragansett Bay from us) so she probably only joins us there maybe once a year. Thus, 2nd Story has become a father-daughter outing, usually beginning with dinner in Providence at Sakuro, our favorite Japanese restaurant. (Nancy and I always get season subscriptions to Trinity Rep in Providence, so that provides our evenings out for dinner followed by a play.)

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