A Sunday morning walk -- 10/26/08

When we got up this morning -- and this was not at the break of day -- because although I had first been up around 6 a.m., I had just fed Tiger and then gone back to bed -- so this was now a bit past eight -- Nancy asked me if I would be interested in going for a walk. Sure, that sounded like a good idea. It was a sunny morning, really mild temperature for late October (certainly much warmer than it had been on frosty Friday morning), so all I needed to do was to pour a cup of coffee into me and I was ready to go.

Just to show you that our area still clings to some of its rural roots, despite being filled with an increasing number of suburban type neighborhoods, I took this picture of a cow (who was with two or three other cows) about half a mile from our house (and that is walking distance following the pattern of streets -- it's probably only a third of a mile as a straight line). And note that the self-serve egg stand (take eggs, leave money) was just across the street from the cows. (And also note that these are organic free range eggs.)

And that is why we can still hear roosters crowing at dawn.

Although I usually describe our area as being a collection of suburban-looking neighborhoods (
In fact, I just did, didn't I?), there are those who do live on a somewhat larger scale... as in this next picture.

Still, most of the neighborhoods around here look like this next picture. Nope, this isn't our neighborhood (although this is just what our neighborhood looks like); this picture was taken in a neighborhood more than a mile away.

And here's one more picture, just because I liked the color of these leaves. It's an image that seems to say "autumn" to me.

So that was our morning walk.

I later checked on Google maps and found that we had covered a little bit past 3.6 miles. Took us a just over an hour. Then we had breakfast and read the Sunday newspaper and in the afternoon I went grocery shopping, etc.

A pleasant Sunday in late October in Rhode Island....

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