A walk in Narragansett -- 11/12/08

It's taken me a couple of days to write this... not the actual writing, that is, but finding time to do the writing. Yesterday I took a vacation day and I still couldn't seem to find any time.

Part of the problem (besides just being busy) is that I've got a somewhat painful ear infection in my left ear. I have no idea where that came from but it was really getting to me on Monday night. Nancy and I had gone for a nice long walk early on Sunday afternoon (actually, come to think of it, more like eleven in the morning) -- which was supposed to provide the content of this entry -- but after work on Monday, when I had planned to play with the Internet while Nancy was at her water aerobics session, I was just feeling really tired and distracted by my ear and when I got into a dispute with PhotoShop while trying to make the little map I've stuck in below (don't you just hate it when software refuses to do what you want it to do) I gave up and made a nice salad to go with dinner instead. Yesterday morning I headed off to my doctor's office to get my ear checked out -- since this was on a walk-in basis, instead of with an appointment, and since I did not get myself down there before the office opened, I found myself in 5th place on the walk-in list and so I got to wait for a couple of hours before she could fit me in. I was not mistaken in my self-diagnosis; I have an ear infection and I now have antibiotic ear drops as well as antibiotic pills to take.

Okay, enough unadorned text... let's get some pictures in here...

We started out on the Narragansett Town Beach, parking in the beach parking lot. The above picture is taken from the beach looking south towards the Narragansett Towers. (Frequent visitors here are familiar with the Towers.) From there we walked southward, passing underneath the Towers and continuing along Ocean Road until we came to State Pier 5. (The "pier" is really a jetty of land that has been enhanced and extended with boulders and topped with a paved parking lot. There is a boat launching ramp sloping down into the water that is protected from waves by the jetty of land.)

I took some video of waves breaking on the boulders, etc. but have not had a chance to edit and splice and format for posting on YouTube.

The photo below is taken from Pier 5 looking roughly north towards the Towers. (The Towers are a bit past center in the photo... just a bit over six tenths of a mile straightline distance from where I was standing.)
You can see that there are waves breaking along the shoreline, but not in the area on the left, which is sheltered from the waves. I took the area of the Towers in that photo and blew it up a bit here....
We then walked a few blocks inland and walked through town -- briefly considering lunch at Crazy Burger (an interesting little restaurant that we like -- which, despite its name, actually has an extensive number of vegetarian dishes on its menu) and then, not that much further along, also considering trying out a new falafal and kebob place that Jill has said good things about -- but decided to continue our walk and wait until we got back home for lunch where we could heat up the leftovers from the pizza I had made on Saturday night and finish reading the Sunday newspaper while we ate.

That last photograph is back on the Narragansett Town Beach, this time looking north. We walked along the beach -- just past those buildings you can see along the shore (The Dunes Club -- a private beach club -- they have a Web page but it is members only -- and if you have to ask how much a membership costs, you probably can't afford to join). After we got back home I used the Google Maps pedometer feature to figure out that we had gone a bit over three and a half miles.

[Note that even though there is an exclusive private club there, according to the Rhode Island state constitution and many years of case law rulings the ocean shore belongs to the people of the state and the public has full access up to the mean high tide mark, including the right to walking, swimming, boating, fishing, gathering of clams, etc.]

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