Our new floor -- 12/30/08

I do not seem to be keeping up with posting daily Holidailies...
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I had promised that I would post some photographs here of the completed flooring project.

Here's a (fairly inaccurate and sloppy) sketch of our upstairs. (BR = bedroom; CL = closet) The light tan area shows where we ripped up the wall-to-wall carpet and had maple hardwood flooring installed. The two bedrooms each had a fair sized closet (with sliding doors) and the hallway had three closets (two with hinged doors and one large one with sliding doors).

So... here are some photographs...
The new flooring in Jeremy's room...
Inside the hall linen closet... I'm really glad we decided to include the closet floors.
In Jill's room. My mother made those curtains for Jill when she was born and she still uses them.
Just a view of the flooring (in case you hadn't noticed that it is wood... *grin*)
That's the large hall closet on the right (with the doors partly
open) and the hallway, and the entrance to Jill's room.

I had thought that I would have lots of time to write entries during this holiday season (taking time off from work and all) but I have not been able to find time. I had most of the photographs for this entry ready (i.e., resized to 600 pixels wide) a couple of days ago). Not only was there a holiday (and family socializing) but we had all of the furniture and most of the contents of five closets (plus a bookcase from the hallway) relocated to our bedroom and the living room while the carpet removal and painting and then the flooring installation was going on, but now most of those items had to be moved back. Also, Jill and Jeremy have mostly been living in a neighboring town this year, sharing a rental house (in a neighborhood mostly filled with URI students) with three friends. Their lease is up tomorrow and they had decided that it was foolish to be paying rent and utilities when they could be living with us. (The nest was empty and now it is full again.) Jill has moved her stuff back (you know she is home now that her computer is in her room and she is up late at night with her guild playing Worlds of Warcraft). And, even as I type this, Jeremy is transporting his stuff back home.

This might be my final entry for 2008 -- tomorrow night Janet and Tom (Nancy's sister and her husband) are coming over for dinner and then the four of us are going to Providence to see a touring company doing Mama Mia. And I have signed up to do the Pier Plunge again on New Year's Day... but tomorrow the forecast is for snow and New Year's Day is supposed to be absolutely frigid. Brrrr.

Happy New Year!

An introduction for those of you wandering in here from Holidailies for the first time: I'm just a middle-aged guy (but somehow I hit 65 on my last birthday) who lives in Rhode Island with my wife Nancy (a middle-school math teacher), daughter Gillian ("Jill" -- 26 yr old baker and part-time college student), son Jeremy (23 yr old restaurant cook and part-time college student), and Tiger (senior citizen cat). Eldest child Adam lives in New York City with his wife Leah and our grandsons Sam and Milo. I'm a programmer/systems analyst who got involved with software training and instructional design. I currently work from home doing quality assurance and editing on course material for both classroom courses and Web- based training courses for a very big computer company. I've been writing this online journal since 1996.

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