Awaiting the tsunami -- 01/19/09

Yes, I've really slacked off this year, haven't I... sorry 'bout that...

I had started out with good intentions (ah, but we all know what roadway makes use of that for paving material).

To begin with, I wanted to make some changes to the Index page. Several years ago, when I started using images of opened books as icons for each year's worth of entries, that had seemed like a good idea. However, as the number of years increased by one every twelve months, just like clockwork, it began to become somewhat cumbersome. And I wanted to make some slight adjustments to the layout of that page... (which is why I've not yet inserted a book icon for 2009)...

And then I got an idea of what I wanted...

Something like this mockup on the left. Each year would have a book (and each book would be a clickable icon that was a link to the archive page listing all entries for that year). I could have other book icons for other things, such as a list of favorite links. There are other books on the shelves that are not icons, thus giving me space to insert future years as needed... and, as these shelves filled up in some future year, I could always add a fourth shelf.

The trouble was, I couldn't get it to work the way I wanted it to work.

I didn't like the way it looked. The spacing, etc. of the books on the shelves just did not look the way I wanted it to. (And then there was the problem of the tiny -- but quite real -- differences in the way various Web browsers rendered it.)

There's an easy way to fix that. I could do it in Flash. And that is meant both ways -- It is a task that could be done in Flash and also that I know enough Flash to be able to accomplish it, but it would take me hours to do it.

Hmmm. no time today, maybe I'll do it tomorrow... or maybe the next day...

Ah, but that only explains the first few days of the year...

Well, I guess I've just been in something of a funk...

There are rumors going around that there will be massive layoffs coming from my employer, many thousands of jobs will be cut. Since I do not directly generate revenue (that is, they don't send me to customer sites to do stuff and then bill the customer three hundred bucks an hour for the time I spend there doing that stuff) and since I am sixty-five and companies like to use layoffs to clear out older employees and since there would be extra cash savings by getting rid of people like me in a layoff, both immediate and long term, it began to seem as if I were walking around with a bullseye on my back.

And, yeah, I've spent a couple of weeks worrying about it...

Until finally I just figured that since it is totally out of my control, there is absolutely no need to worry about it. In a couple of weeks I'll know... If they don't lay me off, then I'm fine until the next round. And if they do lay me off, then I can find another job... or retire... or do freelance Web design... or bag groceries (what the heck, I've done it before).

All I really needed to do was to look at my brother (
hi there Baby Brother Charlie!), He was working for the same company as I am, except he was a subcontractor and they got rid of all subcontractors several weeks ago.

What did he do? He and his wife went to Disneyworld for a week.Why not?

And now he is busy teaching himself how to program in Drubal. (It's sort of a meta-language for building Web sites using PHP.) He's got the right attitude.

Gee, it looks as if the water is receeding rapidly, much too quickly for it just being the tide going out...


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