Winter weary -- 03/02/09

Oh, I am so weary of winter...

Just a few days ago (just this past Thursday) the last tired clump of dirty frozen and refrozen snow was melting away... a quickly disappearing three foot long reminder of how high the snow had once been piled near where the sidewalk crossed our driveway.

By Saturday afternoon it was gone...

And then the weather forecast warned that winter was going to get in a double punch, a small snowstorm to greet us when we woke up Sunday morning... But how could that be? About eight-thirty Saturday morning the sky was beautiful blue from horizon to horizon, not even a hint of a cloud. A couple of hours later I went to the store to get some milk and noticed that the sky now had lots of white clouds, probably about fifty percent filled with clouds. By afternoon the sky was a solid roof of gray clouds overhead, not even a hint of blue.

And, just as they had said, when we got up on Sunday morning we were greeted by about an inch of snow on the ground. And the forecast said that a second, much larger storm, was approaching, coming up the coast.

As afternoon became evening, a light drizzle began, almost a mist mixed with tiny flecks of ice. As the eveining went on, the snow began to fall more heavily... and this is what it looked like around seven o'clock this morning as I prepared to go out with a shovel:

Six or eight or ten inches (and probably another inch or so came down after I finished shoveling) but it was difficult to be sure because it was blowing around so much -- twenty mile an hour winds with gusts up to forty -- so there would barely be two or three inches in one spot, but a step or two away it would be more than a foot deep.

The above picture shows the view about ten-thirty this morning, just before Jill went out and spent at least half an hour doing additional shoveling I had cleared behind Jill's car and Jeremy's car so they could get out to the street, but -- not having to go anywhere today myself -- I had left the snow behind my car unshoveled. Jill took care of that as well as shoveling the snow that had fallen (or been been windblown) after I had shoveled.

I am so tired of winter...

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