The end of winter -- 03/19/09

A couple of weeks ago (more like two and a half) I posted a picture of a small mound of dirty frozen snow next to my driveway. "The last bit of snow for this season." I hoped, foolishly, as shortly after it melted away we were treated to somewhere between six and ten inches of snow (it was blowing around so much, who could tell).

This week, however, the last mound of snow in my yard from that storm was busily melting away until -- this afternoon -- it was completely gone.

Oh, you may scoff, that doesn't matter. It's still March and you live in New England. Ah, but today is the last full day of winter and tomorrow is the first day of spring (the Vernal Equinox arriving sometime around dawn, I believe).

Yes, I suppose it is always possible to have more snow. I can remember a snow storm in May when we lived in upstate New York...(Oh, but it was an overnight snow, less than an inch, and it was all melted away by lunchtime.)

Our weather forecast shows no precipitation of any kind expected for the next five days. Overnight lows, of course, will be below freezing, but the highs will be in the low to mid forties (between, say, five and eight Celsius).... Friday and Sunday will be partly cloudy, but Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday will be clear and sunny.

I'm excited about the pending arrival of Spring!

Of course I have tons of work to do to get the garden ready, but I have fresh lettuce to look forward to (and radishes and maybe peas and beans).

Goodbye, Winter... Hello, Spring!

Going... Yesterday, 7:10 a.m., it is about four feet long.
Going... Today, 7:12 a.m., it is barely a foot and a half long.
Gone! Today, 3:22 p.m.,it is all gone!

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