Premio Dardos Award -- 03/30/09

A few days ago Eric Mayer surprised me by picking me as one of his selections to be awarded a Premio Dardos Award.

Premio Dardos means "prize darts" in Italian and is awarded for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values in the form of creative and original writing. The rules are:

1. Accept the award by pasting the graphic on your blog along with the name of the person who granted the award and a link to his/her blog.

2. Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of acknowledgment, remembering to contact each so they know they have been selected.

Okay, here are fourteen blogs/journals/whatever that I am selecting as being worthy of a Premio Dardos. (My original list had fifteen, but then I realized that Eric's blog was one of them and I thought that was rather recursive, so just note that if someone else had tossed a Premio Dardos at me, Eric would have been on my list.) Yes, of course, I read more sites than this. I kept it to personal sites (thus ruling out Instapundit, for example). I also eliminated sites that are password-protected (no sense in pointing you there if you can't get there) and sites whose owners have announced they are not going to update any more, and also sites that only get updated once every few months. If you know that I read your blog but you don't see yourself listed here, it is doubtless because of one of those reasons. Please note that I did not list my own daughter's blog -- because, although she has been writing online as long as I have, her current site has only been updated twice during the past year. In thinking about these sites, it occurs to me that they are all creative people. Well, yes, I suppose the mere fact of having an online blog or journal (as opposed to Facebook or MySpace or LinkedIn), would indicate a degree of creativity (especially keeping it up for years). Mark Terry is a novelist, John Bailey is a poet (and an artist), Stefani produces hand-crafted greeting cards and artwork (pinetreedesigns), Mary is the author of Girl Clown(and some of us are still waiting for her to finish the sequel), Karen has written an autobiography (If You're Looking for Warm and Fuzzy, Buy a Dog!). Gary is a potter, and so on. And Eric, who threw the dart at me, has teamed up with Mary Reed (his wife) to write the John The Lord Chamberlain series of mystery novels. They've published seven thus far and are currently working on number eight.

(I don't think any of you fourteen need to pick fifteen -- or a dozen -- or ten -- or any arbitrary number of bloggers and journalers, but it would be cool if you did pick some favorites to target with a prize dart.)

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