Foggy and rainy -- 04/03/09

Morning fog that stayed on to become afternoon fog... rain on and off all day... and then a thunderstorm moved in for a late afternoon treat.

This is what this morning looked like looking "down" the street (southeast):

And this is what it looked like looking "up" the street (northwest):

As I said, not just fog, but rain at times -- sometimes just barely a mist of rain and sometimes heavier. I liked the pattern of the reflections of the winter-bare tree branches and the deck railings in the rainwater on our back deck.

The antenna on Nancy's car got damaged in a car wash and thus her radio reception has been quite poor. On Thursday Jeremy picked up a replacement antenna and offered to install it for her. In order to do so he had to pull out not just the radio, but all of the instrument panel.

Here he is attaching the antenna to the car roof.

The operation was successful.

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