May comes to an end -- 05/31/09

May is coming to an end in just a couple of hours...

Actually, for a while this morning I thought today was June 1st but then was pleased to realize that I still had most of a day in May left to enjoy. (This is not to disparage June, which has always been one of my favorite months, one which I always thought was short-changed by only getting thirty days.)

I think my confusion about today's date was because Memorial Day came so early this year. Or maybe it was just because life continues to be busy. For example, Nancy and I were working as building attendants for a wedding at The Narragansett Towers on Friday night. Nancy went directly there from school (so that she would be there at 3:00 pm to let the catering crew in to start setting up). I was to head over as soon as I finished work for the day. I was ready ahead of time -- but then couldn't find my keys. Finally remembered I had a spare car key in my desk. (I still haven't found my missing keys; they must be around here somewhere, but our paths have not yet crossed.)

Saturday morning I had a book sorting session down in the basement of one of the town libraries. We're sorting through piles of donated books, getting ready for a Friends of the Library book sale next Saturday, sorting into hardcover fiction, hardcover non-fiction, with some attempt at keeping various special interest books (such as cook books) together, paperback fiction, paperback non-fiction, children's books, and YA (young adult -- i.e, teenagers). Oh, and, of course there are also books on tape (and CD) and movies on VHS tape and on DVD.

Back home, ran some errands, made some updates to one of the Web sites I do (in this case it was for Kinney Bungalow -- updated the schedule of public events and the page of rental fees -- earlier in the week I had updated the Culture Coalition site), did some stuff around the house, and then Nancy and I headed off to The Towers (this time as paying guests) to a fund-raising reception to celebrate the completion of the new courtyard next to The Towers (with plantings and benches and a fountain and a sculpture).

So, here we are.

There were drinks being served in the tent (a complementary glass of wine for each person... plus a cash bar) and really good hors d'oeuvres being passed around by Tom's Market Catering. (Very tasty treats!)

Live music, sunshine, a crisp breeze from Narragansett Bay (just across the street).

Then back home for a very light meal (after all of those yummy hors d'oeuvres) and watched an episode of The Tudors (from Netflix). One of the advantages of watching episodes of television programs on DVD is that one episode is just about the right size to watch. We often have movies sitting next to the DVD player for a week or two (or more) before we can find time to watch them

And today I put in hours of working in the backyard, mostly in the area where we had those trees cut down a few weeks ago... after that I tried to get in a run but only got in one mile... well, got about a block into a second mile and decided I was just too tired from all of that digging and clearing work, so I stopped, walked back to the house, took a shower, and went grocery shopping.

Fixed dinner -- shrimp cocktail, flounder (just plain, cooked in a skillet, served with a slice of lemon and some tartar sauce), a crab cake, and a mesclun mix salad with sliced red onion. (Oh, yeah, and some pino grigio.) Kitchen is cleaned up -- just in time for Jill to come in with Eli and start making some peach cobbler. (Yes, the kitchen is a busy place around here.)

And Jill has just asked me if I would like some peach cobbler, so I am going to close this now.

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