Letterman is a creep -- 06/10/09

It's perfectly okay to say that, isn't it?

David Letterman is utter scum. Supposedly once-upon-a-time he was some kind of humorist or comedian, now he is a vile 62 year old man who gets his cheap thrills by telling sex jokes about underage girls.

Governor Sara Palin and Willow Palin, her 14 year old daughter, attended a N.Y. Yankees baseball game during a trip to New York City. This is how Letterman described the occasion:

Really classy, Letterman, telling sex jokes about children.

Oh, I realize it's okay because her mother is a Republican governor. We all know they don't count as human beings, right?

And Letterman is making a brave moral point here because, after all, Governor Palin's oldest daughter did have a child out-of-wedlock, so that give Letterman the moral authority to make sex jokes about a fourteen year old child.

And, although we no longer demand the wearing of scarlet letters, we know it is very amusing to humiliate and hold up to scorn the entire family of anyone related to a high school student who ever made a mistake. Certainly Letterman understands this since he (as I am certain he would prefer to have it expressed) "knocked-up" his live-in girl friend -- who could reasonably expect him to know any more about safe sex than a high school student since only a few decades had gone by since his own high school days -- and, after all, he then proceeded to marry her a mere six years later.

I wonder if he would dare to ever have Rodriguez on his program, lest A-Rod might apply his baseball bat to Letterman's head in rage that Letterman accused him of being the kind of animal who would publicly rape a 14 year old child.

Did Letterman pick A-Rod for this story because of his ethnic background? Does this mean Letterman is not only a sexist pig, he's a racist pig as well.

I wonder why those who were so quick to demand the firing of Don Imus have not bothered to say anything about Letterman. I guess we'll just have to wait until the night he makes an equally revolting joke about one of Governor Deval Patrick's daughters. The news reports I've seen about this describe "Palin's supporters denouncing the CBS host for making jokes that many said were sexist and for what they called an unfair attack on the governor and her family." No mention of NOW or any "liberal" or "progressive" groups denouncing him. (No surprise, typical partisan hypocrisy.)

Maybe judge Sotomayor -- as a wise Latino woman -- will have something to say about Letterman's dual slurs against a Latino ballplayer and 14 year old female?

It's a good thing Letterman is rich enough to afford private jets. Earlier in the show he did one of his "Top Ten Reasons" bits -- this time about the reasons Governor Palin came to New York -- and one of the reasons was to get makeup "to refresh her slutty flight attendant look." If he were to fly commercial, he mght be at risk of a hot cup of coffee in his lap.

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