Requiscat in Pace Cosmic -- 06/29/09

Many of you who read my online scribbling also followed the adventures of Karen -- known as Cosmicrayola or Cosmic -- on her online journal at cosmic.diaryland.com.http://cosmic.diaryland.com/. Perhaps you were also lucky enough to have read her autobiography: If You're Looking for Warm and Fuzzy, Buy a Dog! (If not, you have missed some funny and heart-warming and interesting reading.)

Karen and I had read each other's online journals and had exchanged a few e-mails and comments -- and then we got to meet at JournalCon 2004

This is a picture of her in front of the JournalCon hotel, cigarette in hand. She finally managed to quit, not quite two years ago... but not in time.

Karen has had severe breathing difficulties lately and was recently hospitalized. She refused to be put on a respirator.

She passed away last night.

We'll miss you and your smile and your endless supply of jokes and witicisms.

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