Happy 4th of July -- 07/04/09

Nancy got home this morning from Virginia... I picked her up at Kingston station. Despite my skepticism yesterday, her train pulled into the station right on time. (Her train going down there was half an hour late... and Kingston is only the second stop after it originates in Boston.)

Then I woke Jill and we went into town to run in this year's Camire's Firecracker Four Miler. Neither of us have been running that much lately. In Jill's case it is because of a sore knee and "shin splint" leg pains; in my case I'm afraid it is more sloth. Eli came along with us so I gave him my camera to take a few pictures. Here we are a few minutes before the race.

Jill finished far ahead of me (116th overall -- don't know where she was in terms of gender and age group), but not as high up as she might have been if the race had been run a few weeks ago. I was way back but actually was pleased with how I did because at least I didn't wimp out and spend the morning playing some sissy game like golf.
(Hi Tom! LOL!)

And there I am having come around the last turn and entered the last hundred yards or so to the finish. Okay, not very elegant athletic form, but I am still moving...

Now... a shower, maybe even a brief nap, and maybe some gardening or yard work, a cookout at Tom and Janet's house, and then the evening fireworks display in Wakefield.

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