Fireworks and sparklers -- 07/05/09

We went to the annual South Kingstown 4th of July fireworks display last night at Old Mountain Field Park in Wakefield. (I almost put "of course" in that statement because I've missed that event only twice in all the time we've lived here -- once when because of iffy weather we stayed home and tried to watch it from our house -- only a couple of miles away in straight line distance but difficult because of hills and trees -- and last year because we were in California. However, we came to see that display two or three times before we lived here while visiting Nancy's parents.)

I brought my little Flip video camera, an inexpensive pocket-sized gadget that I have a lot of fun with. And I've just edited together some clips and put them on YouTube. Here is about four minutes of highlights of a display that lasted almost half an hour:

If you don't have high enough download speed -- or you're just not feeling up to four minutes of video -- here is a much shorter piece, about a minute or from the end of the display:

And later that night Jill and Eli were in the back yard with some sparklers I had picked up a few weeks ago in anticipation of the 4th of July:

Okay, I guess I have played with computers enough for a bright sunny Sunday with lots of out-of-doors stuff that needs to be done...

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