A bike ride -- 07/16/09

It's the time of year to see what is happening with Team Chad and Dad.

Yes, once again my brother and his son are busily training for their annual 100 mile bike ride to raise money to find a cure for diabetes.

He put together a couple of minutes worth of video from a 60 mile training ride they did this past Sunday around the Ashokan Reservoir. (If you live in New York City, this reservoir, more than ninety miles away from you, is one of your major sources of drinking water.) There is some beautiful scenery... It does look like a lovely ride (but sixty miles!!!)

Since this is a fund-raising ride, naturally Charlie and Chad would appreciate any donations that might be made via the Web site -- www.letscurediabetes.com -- he set up for their effort. He has a training blog on that site where he has posted some comments about their training (of course, being my brother, he does not post on anything like a daily basis) and more video and some photos. This year they are going to participate in a 100 mile ride in Vermont at the end of August instead of the 100 mile ride (105 miles actually) in autumn in Death Valley that they have done for all except one of the past several years. This means travel will be easier -- a couple of hours of driving rather than flying across the country -- but it also means they have had less time to train... oh, and Vermont has these things called hills and mountains, lots of hills and mountains.

Yes, I know, I know, I've been very slack this past week -- okay, week and a half -- about posting any writing here. I was going to try to catch up tonight, but then Charlie sent me a link to his bike ride video and I thought it was more important to show you what Charlie and Chad have been up to. Me? I've been too busy to do much of anything. Yeah, I know, that doesn't make sense, but... Anyway, I am on a team that is going to participate in the Providence edition of the 48 Hour Film Project this coming weekend. (The contest is held in more than 80 cities worldwide, not all on the same weekend.) The deal is, your team finds out on Friday night what genre your film must be in, the name of a character you must have in it, a line of dialog you must use, and then you have 48 hours to come up with ideas, write a script, assign parts, find locations, etc., rehearse, film, edit, do all post-production work... and you must submit your completed project in the required format within 48 hours -- not one single second more. (There are more rules, such as the films must be a minimum of four minutes and a maximum of seven minutes in length, not counting titles and credits, etc.)

48 Hour Filmmaker: Providence 2009

Oh, yeah, and then judges will pick the best film...

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