Sort of catching up -- 08/06/09

Oh my, more days zipping past without any entries here...

I guess I'm just doing too many things that I never seem to have time to sit down and write an entry.

Some of you may say "But Jim, I have seen you writing comments on other people's web pages, sometimes quite long comments!" Ah, but that happens when I am at that other person's page and all I have to do is click their comment button and type something -- it's something that just happens and only takes a few minutes and I click submit and I'm done. If I want to write a entry on my own site, well... first I have to wonder if I have enough time... do I have photographs that I might want to include (go to recent photographs, go through them, open up Photoshop, crop, resize, rename, move to the right folder), open up WebSphere Homepage Builder (I used to type straight HTML in Notepad but I've been using a WYSIWYG editor for years now) and type my entry and set the links (to previous entry and from previous entry and update index page, etc.) and then FTP files to Verve Hosting and then double-check my links (and don't forget to send a notify e-mail).

Now very often I don't get past that first step -- the one where I wonder if I have enough time. Very often the answer is "No, I don't have enough time right now. I'll do it later." Right now I have to do some yard work, go grocery shopping, run some errands, fix dinner, take out the trash, clean Tiger's litter box, etc. (As Roseanne Roseannadanna always used to say, "...it's always something.") Now if I would just do part of the task... just do half of the task, then later on I could come back and finish the job... well, then I'd have a lot more entries posted.

It seems as if the next entry keeps getting put off until tomorrow...

And now tomorrow Nancy and I are going to hop in her car and drive off to the Adirondacks. Adam and Leah always spend a couple of weeks in the mountains during August and they've invited us to visit them (and, of course, Sammy and Milo) so we are going to drive up for the weekend. (I am taking Fridays and Mondays as vacation days during August, so I have a month filled with four-day weekends.)

So... what else have I been doing (besides spending 48 hours with 16 people making a seven minute movie)? Well, you know about all of the trees we had cut down this spring... I'm am turning some of that space into more garden area (and plan to plant some fruit trees and berry bushes this fall but meanwhile am putting in quite a few hours clearing away the weeds and vines and such) and we are also reworking our front yard. (I'll put up some photographs eventually.) We are busy with landscaping work (some done by professional but lots and lots done by us) and have had a very nice brick walkway installed (that you may be quite sure was done by a professional) and the work goes on and on as we are digging up this bush from over here and moving it over there and digging up this plant from over there and moving it over here, etc. The very wet and stormy weather we had in May... and June... and July delayed us quite a bit. (This July was the rainiest July ever since they started keeping weather records for Rhode Island... and there have only been ten or twelve months in all those many years that have had higher total rainfall amounts than we had during this July.)

And now I've got to put this up on the Internet and go do stuff...

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