Adirondack delight -- 08/09/09

We spent Friday, Saturday, and part of today here in the Adirondacks...
This is Adam and Nancy and Sam enjoying the lake.
We had gotten an early start Friday morning and headed over to the Adirondack Mountains (northeastern New York State, filling much of the area between Albany and the Canadian border) to spend some time with Adam (my eldest) and Leah (his wife) and Sam and Milo (our grandsons).

This was our room, with a view overlooking the lake.
They live in a high rise building in New York City (and they definitely all love New York), but they cherish their visits to this lake in the Adirondacks. Here are Lean and Nancy and the boys on their little private beach on the lake. (It is blissfully quiet there... power boats are banned.)
Nancy and Milo had a lot of fun playing in the sand, making roads and driving toy trucks.

We had a marvelous time... hanging out on their beach, playing with the boys, going for walks, swimming, boating. Sam is wearing a hooded sweatshirt in the picture below because the temperature drops quickly once the sun dips below the mountains. (Daytime temperatures were in the upper seventies -- and today was supposed to hit 80. Friday night dipped down to the upper 40s, Saturday night down to the lower 50s. Those are typical August temperatures.)
Milo eating corn-on-the-cob. Sam eating smores he had just made.
Twilight on the lake...

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