Labor Day weekend in Rhode Island -- 09/08/09

Well, first let me say that Labor Day weekend was absolutely lovely here in Rhode Island. Sunshine, blue skies with puffy white clouds, temperatures in the mid-seventies (maybe a couple of degrees warmer in Saturday's sunshine -- that would be about 24 or 25 for those of you who like metric degrees). A glorious last weekend of summer relaxation.

Roger Wheeler State Beach (Point Judith, Rhode Island)
Late Saturday morning Nancy and I joined three of her sisters (Janet, Karen, and Cathy) plus two nephews (Mike and Chris) and a niece (Melissa) at the beach. I even got in a little bit of splashing and swimming in the (relatively gentle) surf. Then we took a walk (a kilometer or so... that's about two-thirds of a mile for those of you who don't do metric distances) along the beach to Salty Brine Beach and then to Champlin's for a sea food lunch. Nancy and I each had New England (or "white") clam chowder and we shared an order of onion rings and half a dozen clam cakes -- plus a mudslide for her and a Sam Adams Boston Lager for me. Others of us also had hearty lunches. (But, of course, our beach stroll had to burn off a few calories, right?)

Some of the fishing fleet docked at Galilee in Point Judith Salt Pond (view from Champlin's)
Point Judith Salt Pond -- view from Galilee looking toward the Jerusalem shore
Spent some more time back on the beach, then headed home for a shower and change of garments and then headed over to dinner with Tom and Janet (plus the beach crew plus Nancy's brother Walt and her mother) to have a great dinner outside on their back deck. (And got to see Tom's new toy... a new Mustang.)

Sunday was a relaxing day with the Sunday paper, a bit of grocery shopping, etc., and then Tom and Janet and Nancy's mother came over for dinner.

There's been a lot of cooking and eating going on lately. I made eggplant parm last week and then Friday night, I was making dinner for Nancy & myself (salad, shrimp scampi, garlic bread, flounder almondine) when Jill & Eli showed up and made lasagna (and she takes after me, making her own tomato sauce). Janet and Tom had served grilled chicken and steak (plus pasta salad and sweet corn and fresh-baked apple crisp). Sunday I made chicken parm (and mini penne noodles with tomato sauce... and bruschetta... and asparagus steamed with sliced carrots, yellow squash, and zucchini, with slivered almonds on top... and Nancy made Boston cream pie for dessert. (Despite all of this eating, I've lost about ten pounds this summer.)

Monday I got in a three and a half mile run (fairly slow, but... at least I moved) and then got working in the backyard and spent more than an hour and a half splitting firewood. Needless to say, I was more than a bit tired and sore last night... and was limping this morning with a painful right heel. Interestingly enough, I did about an hour or so of fairly vigorous yard work (mostly shoveling) after work today and my heel stopped hurting. I can still feel some discomfort there, but the pain is gone and I am no longer limping.

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