Oh nine, oh nine, oh nine -- 09/09/09

Well, given how much I enjoy seeing patterns in numbers, how could I resist 09/09/09.

Nope, I don't have any belief in numerology of any kind. There are no magic numbers, no lucky numbers, no unlucky numbers... But I do find some numbers and combinations of numbers to be more interesting (appealing, amusing, whatever) than others.

So, naturally, I had to be sure to have an entry for this date. Just as, last year, I had to have an entry called Oh eight oh eight oh eight on 08/08/08 -- except it was mostly about the Olympics (but the Olympics opened on that date because China thought it was an auspicious date).

I posted an entry on 07/07/07, but it was all about a visit to The Breakers in Newport, not a mention of the repeating numbers in the date. I missed my chance in 2006, failed to have a June 6th entry. (Had one the next day, but it was all about having our house painted, nothing about dates or numbers.) Ah, but I scored in 2005 with an entry called Oh Five, Oh Five, Oh Five which took note of the repeating pattern. In 2004 I had an entry for 04/04/04, but other than noting my enjoyment of the pattern, it was an entry about working (in response to a meme). My 03/03/03 entry was about how heel pain after a race sent me to my podiatrist who informed me that my (self-diagnosed) plantar fascitis was actually a fracture in my heel; no mention of the interesting date. On 02/02/02 I briefly acknowledged my being easily amused by dates, but otherwise I wrote about it being Groundhog Day. (Yes, I know, that points to Geocities and I only have about three more weeks to get those entries migrated to my VerveHosting account before all of Geocities disappears into that great bit bucket in the sky. I'm going to get it done real soon now.) There was no entry for 01/01/01 -- in fact, my first entry for 2001 didn't come until January 8th!

There is a good chance that I will have an entry for October 10th next year and one for November 11th the following year. What about 2012? Yes, of course, I will most likely have an entry for December 12th, 2012. Gee, that only gives you a few days to read it before the world comes to an end on December 21, 2012. You know, because the Mayan calendar comes to an end on that date. I give that about as much credit as I do their belief that the world began 5126 years earlier (on August 11th in 3114 BC if translated to our calendar system), but there are suckers out there who will believe just about anything. (I'm not sure about the 2012 movie that is coming out sometime this year. From an online trailer I almost thought it was a retitled remake of When Worlds Collide but imdb.com assured me that remake is coming out next year with its title unchanged. I have heard that some 2012 movie related websites have scared a lot of people who thought they were real predictions, but that may just be an attempt at astroturf viral marketing by the movie's publicists.)

But, on a lighter note, apparently there was a spike in marriages and/or marriage licenses today because people supposedly thought it was an auspicious number.

Anyway, I have to be sure to get in my entry for the triple twelve date because that kind of pattern won't be around again until January 1, 2101 gives me another shot at a 01/01/01 entry. (And this site would be be past its 105th anniversary. Hmmm, I keep saying I plan to make it at least to 100, but I would not expect to still be around at 157, pushing 158. Well, unless there are some astounding advances in biotechnology and, probably, nanotechnology. Ah, I can always hope, eh?)

Have a nice day...

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