Wooden it be loverly -- 10/28/09

Yes, you're quite right, I am simply much too fond of puns... (And my apologies to My Fair Lady.)

We had a wood-burning insert installed in our fireplace (back in the spring), so I had a need for a supply of well-seasoned firewood.

What you see here are two piles of wood, each one about a cord of wood. (A cord is a legal measure of wood: a stacked pile eight feet by four feet by four feet
And here is some of that wood now stacked into piles, each eight feet long (each pile stacked on top of a pair of eight foot long pressure-treated timbers). The leftmost pile is about five feet high, the rightmost one is a bit over three feet high. They are in my garden area, so I will use them first so they will be gone before spring.
And here is a pair of piles, somewhat jumbo-sized, both twelve feet long and almost six feet high.

I have no idea how much wood we will consume this winter. We have found that we absolutely love having a fire burning but we aren't trying to heat the house with this so we won't be burning it 24 hours a day.
Of course we also have our own wood from the trees we had cut down this spring. I have been splitting some of this wood and stacking it (as you can see here) but I think of this as being next winter's firewood because it is best to use well-seasoned (i.e., aged) firewood. (By the way, I have tarps to protect my wood piles from rain and snow.)

And here is what it looks like in action...

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