Videos -- 11/11/09

Okay, so last night I put together that pumpkin launching video I had promised.

As I had mentioned, on the day after Halloween the South Kingstown Parks and Recreation Department arranged for a pumpkin launch event in Old Mountain Field, a town park located in the village of Wakefield (which forms sort of the "metropolitan" center of the town). I had probably taken about six minutes or so of video (using my Flip video camera that I got back in June for a great sale price to replace my 2008 Flip that I seem to have broken). The result is a two minute video showing several pumpkin launches. (Of course, once I uploaded it to YouTube I discovered that there are dozens of pumpkin launching videos out there.)

However, while on the subject of videos, I really need to share this one with you. It was done by Melinda Rainsberger and her They're Using Tools group. (Yes, that was the name for our team in the 48 Hour Film Project this summer.) Melinda was the director of this video -- and she also did most of the graphics and animation and also some of the camera work. Check it out; it's a really awesome video rendering of a very witty short story... I think you'll like it.

And I was just about to wrap this up and FTP it to the Web... but I wanted to be sure to send a link to "Googled" to Instapundit (because I really think it would be great if Melinda and her crew got some wide recognition) and I found a note from my brother pointing me to a George W. Bush version of an old Abbott and Costello routine. Charlie said "try not to laugh" but I had to. So, especially for those of you who look at the Obama administration and say "Hope? Change? Where?" -- just take a look at this (a direct link because embedding is disabled on this one):

Oh, c'mon, smile at least...

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