A November weekend -- 11/22/09

A pleasant November weekend is drawing to a close...

It was a quiet weekend -- mild weather -- but cool enough in the evenings so that a fire was pleasant (even if not required).

We spent Friday night sitting by the fire, quietly reading. (I was reading Hawking's A Brief History of Time. It must be at least twenty years since I had first read it, but it certainly is one of those books that is still rewarding on a subsequent reading.)

Tiger is very oriented towards his human family. Usually, if we are reading or watching television, he likes to curl up next to one of us and (of course) take a nap. Friday night he decided to watch the fire for a while before falling asleep in front of it.

We were busy with various chores around the house on Saturday and Sunday. Here Nancy is painting the electric meter so that it will match the new siding on our house. We were also busy with chores away from the house as well -- she went off to buy new curtain rods (and various related hooks and loops and what-have-you) and I went off to buy food.

I also raked leaves for an hour or so late on Saturday... I began around sunset and finally quit when I could really no longer see what I was doing (we have no street lights in our neighborhood).

On Sunday, after some time spent with breakfast and the Sunday newspaper, I returned to raking leaves.

Although on Sunday I was working in daylight, it was a more difficult task because there was no significant wind on Saturday, but Sunday brought enough occasional gusts to make leaf-raking a rather frustrating experience. Eventually, however, I had all of the lawn area -- front, back, and sides -- cleared. (Sure, more leaves will fall, but a majority of the leaves have already fallen, so it won't be as difficult.)

So, here is what the house looks like now... (Actually, I think this picture looks a little too blue -- The photo of Nancy painting gives a more true idea of the color.)

Those are still the old garage doors. We would like to get new ones (probably white) and we are also considering some work on the front porch, replacing some trim on the back of the house, and new rain gutters on the back (we had new ones put on the front last month). Oh, yeah... and we also have to figure out how to afford more work...

As we moved into our first house, our next door neighbor came over to introduce himself and then told me "Remember: you don't own your house; your house owns you."

Ah well... Anyway, we had a pleasant weekend, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, putting up new curtains, sitting by our fireplace, etc....

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