Snow in New York City -- 12/07/09

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Nancy and I went down to New York City on Saturday to visit grandsons Sam and Milo (
oh, yeah, and also to visit their parents *grin*).

Naturally, Nancy had to do some baking the night before...

Milo (2 years old) and Sam (6 years old) Some of the gingerbread men Nancy baked.

We had a great time visiting with Adam and Leah and the boys. Nancy was surprised at Sam's math skills. He is in first grade and is studying arithmetic in school but what impressed Nancy was his grasp not just of adding and subtracting, but also his understanding of things such as negative numbers (something that apparently some kids are still struggling with in middle school).

Sam drawing a picture. Milo showing me a picture of Snoopy on the mug.

We had lunch, played with the boys, caught up on events and activities... and then, while Milo was taking his afternoon nap, Nancy and I headed off to the Museum of Natural History with Adam and Sammy...

The Museum of Natural History is always a favorite with kids (of all ages) because of its dinosaurs and the exhibits of wildlife from around the world and dinosaurs and the Hayden Planetarium and dinosaurs and all of its fascinating displays of animals and birds and plants, and especially its dinosaurs...

(Have I mentioned dinosaurs?)

Night comes so early at this time of year. When we finally left the museum around 4:30 it was already night...

And it was snowing!

All of the kids were delighted!

Back in Rhode Island the forecast had called for some snow in the evening, perhaps a couple of inches worth... but that was in the Providence area. I had not expected much where we live along the coast (the ocean keeping us a few degrees cooler in summer and warmer in winter) and the weather had been so mild in recent weeks that winter weather seemed to be far off -- but there it was -- the rain had changed to snow.

It took us ten or fifteen minutes to snag a taxi (besides the weather, it was also apparently shift change time for the taxi drivers and at least half the cabs that passed us had their "off duty" signs turned on -- and the rest already had passengers) but eventually Adam's practiced New York skills managed to flag down an off duty driver who agreed to drive us. (Nancy & I had come on a bus chartered by our town's parks & recreation dept. and our pickup point was Madison Ave at East 45th Street -- the museum faces the west side of Central Park at 81st Street -- not quite two and a half miles away and there was a lot of wet snow coming down.)

When we finally got back to Rhode Island we found a couple of inches of wet snow on my car -- snow on lawns and trees and such -- while roads were mostly just wet with some slush but no real accumulation. Still, it was a small hint that winter is on its way.

A brief introduction for those of you wandering in here from Holidailies for the first time: I'm just a middle-aged guy (but somehow I hit 66 on my last birthday) who lives in Rhode Island with my wife Nancy (a middle-school math teacher), daughter Gillian ("Jill" -- 27 yr old college student and baker), son Jeremy (24 yr old restaurant cook and part-time college student), and Tiger (senior citizen cat). Eldest child Adam lives in New York City with his wife Leah and our grandsons Sam and Milo. I'm a former programmer/systems analyst who got involved with software training and instructional design. For the past several years I have been working from home (you can't beat the short commute!) doing quality assurance and editing on course material for both classroom courses and Web-based training courses for a very big computer company. I've been writing this online journal since 1996.

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