Happy birthday Carol -- 01/12/10

I drove over to Kingston (NY) on Saturday for a surprise 80th birthday party for my cousin Carol.

That's Carol, wine glass in hand, looking at a panel of photographs that was on display.

My brother Charlie presented the birthday girl with a festive hat to honor the occasion... and he also scanned in lots and lots of photographs, added appropriate music, put it all on a DVD, and then projected it on a screen.

That's Charlie setting up the laptop and projector for the "History Channel" show.

There were dozens of people there for the party and I got to see lots of folks I hadn't seen since the surprise 85th birthday party for Carol's husband Oscar a bit over four years ago. (Yeah, he will be 90 this fall.)

On the right here you see my cousin Roger (Carol's older brother) and his son Roger.

The two Rogers joined Charlie in roasting Carol a bit.
Naturally there had to be memories of various practical jokes that had been played over the years... and the presentation of various odd birthday gifts...

Here's a picture of Carol and her children. (I'd swear that they were teenagers just a few years ago...)

Oh, and here's a picture of Carol with two of her young cousins:

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