We watched the Super Bowl -- 02/08/10

Yeah, we watched the Super Bowl last night... well, at least most of it.

I would have said that we didn't have a dog in this fight (since the New England Patriots did not make there) but Sue (of My Incredibly Unremarkable Life) lives in Louisiana and is a Saints fan and I caught some of her enthusiasm so yeah, when Nancy talked about watching the game, I figured I'd at least watch the start.

Question: Why do pop singers with weak voices who get invited to sing the Star-Spangled Banner at big football games feel that they have to try to sing as if they had the power and range of an opera singer? (Hint: you don't.) I don't remember who made the attempt last night (I didn't recognize her, but I usually don't recognize most of the "famous" celebrities on the covers of those gossip magazines at supermarket checkout counters). And why does the NFL (or whoever arranges this stuff) think it is better to get some twenty-year-old pretty face to sing rather than a real singer with a real voice?

Well, if we are going to watch a big football game, let's do it right... so I made us a plate of veggies and dip (purple cantaloupe cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, red pepper, celery). Then, figuring that was enough healthy stuff, we ate Buffalo chicken tenders and French fries and asparagus spears wrapped up in prosciutto with a pinch of Parmesan cheese and then oven baked. I had a beer (Wachusetts Country Ale) and Nancy had the remains of the pitcher of bourbon slush that her sister Clara had fixed for Saturday night (although the slush had melted by Sunday evening, so it was more like bourbon and orange juice, but Nancy said it still tasted good).

(Oh, yeah, we had a get-together at Nancy's mother's house Saturday night -- I made pasta sauce and meatballs and four pizzas on thin & crispy crusts: one vegetarian, one with onions and spiedie chicken, one with onions and Italian sausage, and one with all of the previous ingredients. The bourbon slushes were in celebration of Nancy's birthday -- which we had celebrated by going out to eat at The Muse Tavern one night during the week and with dinner and cake at Nancy's mother's house the previous Saturday. Nancy just turned 39... again. [Hey, she used to celebrate being 29 every year... and, anyway, I am almost twelve years older than her actual calendrical natal anniversary-based age and with a lead like that, she'll never be able to catch up with me anyway.])

And speaking of football games and singers and such... Has the halftime show at the Super Bowl now officially become a geriatric event? Paul McCartney in 2005. The Rolling Stones in 2006. (Hey, c'mon, Mick Jagger is my age... McCartney is almost a year older than I am!) Prince in 2007. (Okay, so he was still a kid... he didn't turn fifty until the next year.) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers last year. (Petty may be younger than Paul or Mick, but he is going to hit sixty this year.)

And now The Who. (Or, should we say, the two surviving members of the original Who?) The Who? Hey, they released their first album 45 years ago! I took my son Adam to their 1982 Farewell Tour. Farewell Tour? Keith Moon is gone. John Entwistle is gone. But there were Pete Townsend and Roger Daltry playing songs that had been hits before any of the players on the field had been born.

Ah well, it was a good game and we were pleased to see the Saints win.

All-in-all, it was a busy weekend. Friday night Jill and I had done one of our theater nights -- dinner at Sakura Japanese Restaurant and then to 2nd Story Theatre to see their production of Alan Ayckbourn's play Comic Potential. Good meal, very funny play, good cast, presented in 2nd Story Theatre's usual almost bare stage theatre-in-the-round style.

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