Signs of the times -- 03/05/10

Earlier this week my brother sent me links towards a Craigslist posting... and its follow-up. So I snagged screen captures of them with the thought of sharing them with you.
It's a job posting from some company in the Poughkeepsie area that is looking for someone who is skilled in HTML and in the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). They want someone with "thorough knowledge" and they want to see work samples as proof.
It's a part-time job with flexible hours but note that they want to be able to keep an eye on you while you work to be sure that you are not loafing on the job or surfing the Internet when you should be working. Ah, but can you blame them? After all, look at the magnificent wage they are willing to pay...
That brought a response:
And apparently that response was not welcomed because soon after that this appeared:

And this morning Instapundit had a photo of banners being carried in a student protest at the University of Washington. The preprinted banners were supposed to read "WHOSE SCHOOLS?   OUR SCHOOLS!" -- uh, except they actually said "WHO'S SCHOOLS?" and then somebody apparently became aware of the error (or had it pointed out to them by a literate bystander) and corrected it with a marker to be "WHO'Se SCHOOLS?" I guess a bottle of White-Out would have come in handy to remove the apostrophe. (I wonder if they will end up on Fail Blog?)

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